Ecoliv Sustainable Buildings
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Wonthaggi, VIC, Australia

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Ecoliv Sustainable Buildings are architecturally designed modular homes with inspiring, functional living spaces and a minimum 7 star energy rating. The prefabricated modular homes provide a compact yet functional solution, flexible enough to suit your lifestyle and location.

Ecoliv Buildings is leading the way in sustainable and environmental initiatives in new prefabricated homes and the first prefabricated builder to introduce 7-star energy rating homes as standard. Ecoliv’s aim is for all new homes to significantly reduce household energy requirements and generate their own solar power, saving greenhouse gasses and electricity bills into the future.

Ecoliv Buildings incorporate design, construction and operational practices that significantly reduce or eliminate the negative impact of development on the environment and occupants. Ecoliv’s holistic approach to addressing the environmental impact of buildings is consistent with meeting 6 environmental goals:

Siting and design efficiency

Energy efficiency

Water efficiency

Materials efficiency

Indoor environmental quality

Waste reduction

Ecoliv’s ultimate vision is to continue to provide Australian families access to sustainable and affordable homes into the future utilising optimum quality sustainable materials and practices.

Ecoliv custom build 100% sustainable prefab homes, ready in just 14 weeks. Our uncomplicated modular home designs are adaptable to change with ease by simply arranging predetermined modules in a variety of configurations. All modules are fully transportable and can be relocated anywhere in Australia.

Ecoliv prefab homes save time, energy and the environment. From beach holiday weekenders, to large, family houses in the bush or suburban areas, whether new or adding modular extensions to existing homes.

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