Architecture & Interior Design
Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Pete Kennon Of Local Creative Outlet

KENNON.STUDIO was founded by Peter Kennon as a creative outlet, an architecture and interior design practice that creates environments for the human experience.

Over time the studio has evolved into a contemporary commercial company with key focus on conceptual design, commercial planning, collaboration and delivery.

The practice works closely with clients to achieve a vision that is mutually successful. This is often achieved by collaborating with many incredibly talented architects, designers, furniture makers, artists, marketing and branding creatives that form part of the studio. It is these relationships that enable a holistic and powerful project outcome.

KENNON.STUDIO was founded by Peter Kennon following studies in a Bachelor of Business (Marketing) and a Bachelor of Design (Architecture). Peter proceeded to complete his Masters of Architecture thesis titled ‘The Senses of Place’. The practice has continued this paper’s investigation into the way the human experience is controlled by architecture and interior design. It is this deep interest in how spaces can make one feel that underpins the practices’ work and enables the use of commercially viable design as a creative outlet.

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