Rob Kennon Architects
Architecture & Interior Design
Fitzroy, VIC, Australia

Rob Kennon - Australian Architect - Melbourne, VIC, Australia - Profile Shot

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Rob Kennon Architects was established as a  practice in 2011 by Rob Kennon. RKA’s objective is to deliver the finest possible architecture, interior and urban design that enhances the built environment. Adjustments of space, light and texture relate to a particular skill and care in their design process is key, assisted by constructive engagement between all participants.

Rob Kennon Architect’s process acknowledges the site and its constraints. The construction techniques and materials used are chosen by RKA to achieve a connection to site that respects the permanency of the built form.

Rob Kennon Architects value integrity of structure, the way a building is constructed being central to its aesthetic influences. RKA admires craft and invention and encourages elements of surprise and delight.

Their portfolio includes residential projects in a variety of landscapes, urban and rural, notable for a considered response to heritage conditions and sustainable programming.

Connect with Rob Kennon Architects

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