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The TIDE Autumn Series

Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Liz Barrett

TIDE Design releases its latest collection, The TIDE Autumn Series, a captivating range of furniture pieces with minimalistic design elements and enduring appeal.

This thoughtfully designed collection reflects a combination of muted tones and warming colours with a style and sensibility that evoke a sense of comfort and calm. TIDE Design creates a wide selection of functional pieces with timeless character and warmth. These beautiful handmade pieces are inspired by a refined design aesthetic with a nod to mid-century modern style.

Photographed by Mike Baker & styled by Ruth Welsby.

The Napier Sideboard made from American Oak veneered plywood with solid timber edging, using a combination of knife and SOSS hidden hinges.

TIDE Design was founded in Melbourne in 2007 by George Harper, who left an unfulfilling office career to pursue his passion for designing and making timber furniture. While studying furniture design at Box Hill TAFE, Harper launched TIDE mid-way through his study and he now leads a small but innovative team to produce quality, sustainable and distinct furniture pieces.

TIDE is dedicated to creating environmentally conscious items, using premium quality North American and Australian timbers from sustainably managed forests.. Each TIDE piece is designed and manufactured to last a lifetime, providing an eco-friendly alternative to mass-produced and disposable furniture.

Photographed by Mike Baker & styled by Ruth Welsby.

Geometric shapes and patterns define the TIDE Design SOHO Mirror with circular mirrors and wooden panels in perfect harmony.

Quality design and manufacturing is at the heart of the brand’s ethos. Harper is committed to ensuring that the finished product is flawless, where every joint and component is meticulously checked and every detail carefully resolved. The use of both past and present furniture production techniques means the team can create individual and custom pieces, without compromising the product quality and longevity.

This latest release encapsulates the brand’s philosophy, expanding the existing collection with a detailed approach, combining geometric shapes with soft forms and intricate joinery. This collection is effortlessly sophisticated but understated. The Napier Sideboard in particular showcases the capabilities of the makers by the integration of seamless details that are functional in nature and at the same time combined with a striking design element.

Photographed by Mike Baker & styled by Ruth Welsby.

Also new to TIDE is the Polly Cabinet and Tuki Bench, whose storage and seating solutions are practical and unpretentious but impressive in their final resolution. The Brixton Armchair is the first lounge chair in the TIDE collection, generously proportioned and reminiscent in style to lounging from the 1950’s design era. The passion for solid wood is evident, as each of the designs is enhanced by the natural characteristics of the timber.

The TIDE Autumn Series is completed by the addition of the precise geometric Soho Mirror and the Tote Lamp with a refined turned wood base. All TIDE furniture pieces are finished with a natural oil that accentuates the natural grain, however tint and stains are also available.

Photographed by Mike Baker & styled by Ruth Welsby.

TIDE Design's Tote lamp features a solid American Oak base that celebrates the distinctive end grain of this timber.

All TIDE pieces are handcrafted and can be custom designed to suit any requirements in terms of materials, finish and dimension, allowing flexibility to adapt the designs to specific requirements which are ideal for both commercial and residential projects.

Recently relocating to a new space, the entire TIDE range is designed and made in the Huntingdale workshop, from initial concept to final form. Visiting TIDE is an immersive experience. Combining the showroom and workshop means production can be closely overseen for each item during the manufacturing process, while also offering the opportunity for clients to be taken through the transformation from a beautiful raw material into an exquisite piece of furniture.

Photographed by Mike Baker & styled by Ruth Welsby.

TIDE Design will be opening the doors to their stunning new showroom and workshop, exhibiting their latest collection, TIDE Autumn Series.

Join us on:

14th July 2018

10am – 5pm

44-46 Hargreaves Street, Huntingdale, Victoria
Celebratory drinks from 3 pm

Solid and dependable the Waka series has a strong stance matched with an inner leg taper detail that provides the elegance that is intrinsic to all TIDE pieces.

Photographed by Mike Baker & styled by Ruth Welsby.

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