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Toorak House

Toorak, VIC, Australia

James Lyall Smith

Shannon McGrath

Toorak Residence designed by Hecker Guthrie is an example of local Australian interior design with stunning kitchen appliances supplied by Fisher & Paykel Australia.

For this project Hecker Guthrie worked with clients that didn’t need any extra interior space in this large and traditional Melbourne house. The clients asked for functional and aesthetically strong amenities that would integrate suitably into the interior, and Fisher & Paykel provided the perfect solution to the clients requirements.  The home was designed by Hecker Guthrie to perfectly suit the young, stylish owners by combining modern, quirky touches with a minimalistic features.

Hecker Guthrie made the kitchen the centre of the home and this was the key focus for this space. The kitchen and dining area needed to have generous space for large family gatherings and ample storage for the crockery and cutlery the owners had collected over time. For Hecker Guthrie, the kitchen became about respecting the architecture, but also highlighting the contemporary style of the owners.

Though the owner works in fashion and has a well-honed sense of colour and style, when it came to the kitchen she had very few preconceived ideas. Rather than a scrapbook of Pinterest kitchens, she showed the Hecker Guthrie team images of things she liked – art, objects and colours.

Hecker Guthrie has always maintained a philosophy that you create a beautiful and rigorous architectural space and then into it you insert objects that have personality that start to represent the clients. This was the core belief behind the Toorak Residence project.

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Shannon McGrath

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