New Volumes ℅ Artedomus - An Installation by Thomas Coward and Fiona Lynch
Video Feature
Collingwood, VIC, Australia

The Local Project presents, in collaboration with Artedomus, an insight into the installation by Fiona Lynch and Thomas Coward of the New Volumes ℅ Artedomus Collection.

The installation celebrates the journey of Elba from the ground to the house, juxtaposing the refined beauty of the pieces in the ArtedomusNew Volumes collection with raw blocks and chips of Elba, as it might appear when being dug from the earth in the Greek quarry.

“The installation was a way to really celebrate the history of marble production. I think the purpose was for people to appreciate the huge amount of effort that goes into getting materials into their houses,” says Thomas Coward.

“Creating a space where these objects come almost out of the earth, and it brings it back to their origin, these beautiful raw materials and having that connection because I think that sometimes people see the finished product and they haven’t realised what’s gone in to that journey and the actual making of the objects, so that was really important to us,” Fiona Lynch reflects.

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