Episode 1: Alison Palmer of JCB

Words by Rose Onans
Video by Cheer Squad

Speaking to how the changes to the workplace in 2020 have necessitated the redesign of studio’s spaces, Alison Palmer, senior associate at JCB, says that “the architecture and design industry designs for others but at the moment we’re [also] designing for ourselves.” Now that work in the studio is balanced with working from home, she reflects that flexibility has become JCB’s primary work strategy.

“I think JCB has really embraced the chance, allowing everyone to choose whether or not they want to come into the office and providing them with a good set up at home if they want to work from home,” Alison explains. “We are incredibly flexible, and I think that’s going to be the new norm.” This has been supported by Herman Miller’s workplace research, she says. “They’re obviously incredibly well-known for their research and development, they use doctors to actually form part of their research work! When you are as innovative as that, in time like this, an extremely uncharted world, Herman Miller are a really trusted brand to turn to.”

One of the major challenges Alison foresees in the returning to the workplace is becoming accustomed to in working conditions with social distancing in place, given that “it’s human nature to be close to one another.” Designing with this in mind, she has found the Herman Miller Atlas Office Landscape particularly beneficial. “It’s a really fluid system, it’s something you can really build upon or remove – the flexibility of the product is what I love the most,” she says.

Given the investment involved in a workstation, quality timeless design is key, and the Atlas Office Landscape offers the adaptability and responsiveness that ensures it can be changed as needs and technology evolve. “You can change screens, you can change components as fashion trends change,” Alison explains. “We can stagger them so you’re not actually facing one another. You can really dictate and plan the office space to allow for social distancing as well.”

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