330 Park Street | Feature Installation
North Carlton, VIC, Australia

Elise Teperman

Tess Kelly

Located in North Carlton overlooking the capital city bike trail opposite green park dining, the 330 Park Street collective is home to a multi-disciplinary group of design led professionals.

Founded in 2015 by HIP V. HYPE, the collective is comprised of two interconnected wings doubling as both studio work spaces, design product showrooms and event spaces. The 330 Park Street collective is home to a multi-disciplinary group of design led professionals. A collective is united by a simple aim – to create better products, services, & buildings for the future city we deserve.


The studio-front installation at 330 Park Street in Carlton North is a collaboration between Wood Melbourne x Georgie Boy enabled by HIP V. HYPE and photographed by Tess Kelly. The collective work share space run by HIP V. HYPE features the installation as a means of providing visual interest to users of the space and contemplative inspiration to passers-by.

The installation has been conceived to explore the beauty and potential of handcrafted utilitarian product when paired with seasonal botanicals arranged together as a living thing.


Wood Melbourne design and craft tapware and bathroom accessories from a refined material palette of raw brass, concrete, marble and reclaimed timber – reimagining bathroom style.

Georgie Boy is a Melbourne-based floral studio lead by Gina Lasker. Inspired by seasonal floral gathered from the vast Australian landscape, the focus of the studio is on enhancing or re-creating space through the use of botanical elements.

Tess Kelly is a Melbourne based photographer specialising in architecture, interiors and still life. Her practice moves fluidly between documentation and creation. Tess works closely with her clients to produce imagery that presents unique perspective and captures the small details yet speaks of the larger concept.

HIP V. HYPE is an entrepreneurial group of companies utilising design thinking to resolve more sustainable, more socially responsible and more intuitive solutions for our cities. They use their unique perspective on business, process and technical knowledge to collaborate in the making of better, more elegant, more intuitive, more sustainable, spaces, systems, services and experiences for people.