Ross Gardam's Adapt Range
Collection Feature
Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Photography Haydn Cattach & Mr P Studio
Words James Lyall Smith

  The Adapt collection of furniture, releasing early December 2017, is a stylish range of lounges and practical accessories that have been specifically designed to adapt with the ever-evolving needs of the modern workplace environment. At its core, Ross Gardam’s furniture design contains five key elements, elements that separate the Adapt range from other furniture products in the market today. Each piece can sit alone or combine with others to create larger furniture spaces in straight or curved configurations depending on specific design needs. Additional furniture elements can also be added by simply attaching arms, backs, mid to full height screens, desks and tables. The addition of these stylish elements creates limitless possibilities for the interior design of your workplace, education space, airport or hospitality environment to name but a few.

The Adapt range of furniture is the result of 18 months of strenuous development and refinement. It is the by-product of the largest project the Melbourne based product design studio has ever undertaken giving you some sense of the quality and emphasis that has been placed on this furniture collection.

‘The scale of the project kept on surprising us all in the studio, we have worked really hard to define the Adapt into a concise collection. We do however see future opportunities to add products and accessories to support the range and we are also working on an Adapt lamp which I am looking forward to sharing in 2018’ says head designer Ross Gardam.

Ross Gardam and his studio wanted to create a collection that offered a large breadth of functionality in response to the demanding and complex environments it would be used within. The Adapt range is testament to this vision and provides a high level of comfort as well as easily defined internal proportions.  The Adapt collection of furniture allows for seamless integration into any interior design space and adopts a focus on creating functional and value driven environments. The clean lines and subtle surfaces that define the Adapt range were designed to create a softness and sense of familiarity within the workplace, making the work environment a less intimidating space for employees. Adapt is designed specifically to transform with the ever-evolving needs of the modern office environment. With greater emphasis being placed on modernised concepts of workplace productivity by the worlds major companies, the Adapt range of furniture is designed to provide a stylish solution to any workplaces interior design needs. Originally conceived for both small and large open-plan office spaces, the collection can transform from small booths for study to large team training areas and anything in between. With the Adapt range of furniture the possibilities are endless.

Photographed by Haydn Cattach & Mr P Studios.

Published 30 November, 2017
Photography  Haydn Cattach & Mr P Studio
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