Art To Inspire

Words by Jessica Eva

There is nothing like a home with character, filled with unique pieces that speak to the taste and creative vision of it’s owner. Artwork is the best demonstration of this, it is such a personal choice and the characteristics of the pieces you select add feeling and energy to a room like no other piece of furniture can. If you are on the lookout for some new art that inspires thought and feeling in the home read on for our top suggestions.

Galactic Mapping Series by Dion Horstmans

First up is this dynamic work by Dion Horstmans. Made by the Bondi based creator, the Galactic Mapping series is a collection of matte black powder coated steel wall sculptures that have a strong linear focus and multi dimensional effect. These protruding sculptures are a different way to interpret the classic concept of wall art and we love how the intersecting linear steel rods seem to depict forces of energy. We would place this in a high traffic hallway or living space where it will command attention and insight feelings of liveliness.

Local Australian Architecture And Design Galactic Mapping 4

Images courtesy of Dion Horstmans, Northfox Projects and Grange Building.

The She Began Series by Caroline Walls

In the realm of two-dimensional works, Caroline Walls’ prints have long been a favourite of The Local Project. A Melbourne local, Wall has become known for her form focused references to the female figure and muted colour palettes. We are a fan of the She Began series, one of the darker collections she has created of late featuring minimalist feminine references paired with a bold blocking of print. The fluid nature of these works contrast beautifully with dark blocked forms to exceed the stereotypical delicate depiction of woman and creates a sense of stoic strength. The smooth curves of these works carry a sense of calm, making these pieces great for bedrooms, your home office or relaxing living spaces.

Local Australian Architecture And Design Caroline Walls 3

Images courtesy of Caroline Walls.

Print Collection by Bobby Clark

Another Melbourne based creative high on our wishlist is Bobby Clark with her print collection. A playful blend of primary colours and a minimal mid century vibe these prints are of a smaller scale but perfect for contributing to a gallery wall or perking up a small corner space. We love the tonal palette of these works accented by burgundy and rust, and the playful interpretations of line and curves. This clean aesthetic and sense of jovialness means that we would use these anywhere in the home that needs a little pep up.

Local Australian Architecture And Design Bobby Clarke 4

Images courtesy of Bobby Clark and Tatjana Plitt.

Stoneware Vases by Nicolette Johnson

For feature objects worth investing in look no further than unique handcrafted ceramics. One of our recent finds is the work of Nicolette Johnson, a ceramic artist from Brisbane who’s vase series is sure to be the next feature piece for your living or dining room. Johnson’s works are equal part modern and nostalgic, their mottled rough surfaces almost giving the appearance of an ancient object. Yet their most distinctive feature is their halo like handles, tracing unique shapes and patterns and setting this work apart from your average vase. This stoneware series is suited to housing a single stem, although it will look equally as beautiful undressed as a singular piece or amongst a vignette.

Local Australian Architecture And Design Swco 4

Images courtesy of Nicolette Johnson and Studio Delmar.

No matter what art you are seeking make the investment worthwhile and select something that will be in your collection for years to come. By taking the time to choose art that speaks to you not only will you appreciate its beauty but it will form an important component in building a space that you love.

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