Poised Composition – Banda Penthouse by Banda, JDS Development Group and SHoP Architects

Words by Bronwyn Marshall
Architecture by SHoP Architects
Photography by Nicole Franzen
Interior Design by Banda
Furniture Design by Invisible Collection
Artwork by Noûs Art

Looking down on the world from above, Banda Penthouse epitomises the New York dream experience, where enviable views over the city surround the home. Banda reworks the interior of a statement building by SHoP Architects and JDS Development Group ensuring the extensive duplex penthouse is the ultimate embodiment of opulence, traditional craft and timelessness.

Sitting on the 76th floor of the iconic SHoP Architects and JDS Development Group skyscraper residential tower on West 57th Street, Banda Penthouse represents a new breed of lifestyle for the city. Whilst the streets and villages are known for their quaint brownstone buildings, stretching three – sometimes four – levels, there is an obvious connection to their original time periods. The new wave of homes that take advantage of technology and innovation stretch upwards, evolving the city’s iconic skyline. Though commercial buildings typically take over the changing appearance of New York, the demand for increased density and apartment homes is now making a mark. Reworking the interior of Banda Apartment, Banda composes an elevated proposition, with subtle tones that invite interaction yet emphasise a generosity of scale.

As a reworking of the interior, Banda composes an elevated proposition, with subtle tones that invite interaction, yet emphasise their generosity of scale.

Spread over two levels, the penthouse sits at the crown of the tower, with liberal internal ceilings for increased access to views out. Looking out in two directions, the penthouse has uninterrupted sightlines of the city, and each room is designed to allow those views to animate the background of daily life. At the base of the tower sits an important part of art deco history, which was restored as part of development. Steinway Hall sits to the base of the newly formed tower and sets the tone for playful forms and an experimental spirit. Engaging a curated series of artists, designers and craftspeople, the tower is the culmination of creativity and heightened skill.

The close proximity to Central Park also weaves a narrative of connecting old with new and nature with cityscape. Throughout the penthouse, soft lines, sensual fabrics and calming shades create a still and cocooning series of connected spaces that disassociate from the high energy of the bustling city. As its own reprieve, the home embodies calm through layering textures and objects. Heritage pieces sourced from around the globe inject a cosmopolitan style, whilst statement lighting and works by American designers ground the space in its iconic setting.

Engaging a series of curated artists, designers, and craftspeople, the tower is the culmination of creativity and heightened skill.

Encompassing references to the city, its past and its people, Banda Penthouse draws on a connection to locality. Through bold design choices and a sharp focus, Banda accentuates the almost surreal experience that is the penthouse.