Bringing Nature to Space – Billbergia Sales Office by MXM Design Studio

Words by James Lyall Smith
Architecture by MXM Design Studio
Photography by Ryan Linnegar
Interior Design by MXM Design Studio
Development by Billbergia
Timber Veneer Elton Group
Billbergia Sales Office By Mxm Design Studio The Commercial Project Feature Image 02

The concept of biophilic design has both fascinated and challenged designers for generations, compelling architects and product designers alike to devise creative ways to bring the outside in. Through the Billbergia Sales Office project, MXM Design Studio offers a new approach for bringing nature indoors, utilising innovative timber veneer supplied by Elton Group to create a unique commercial space rich with natural beauty.

Located in the gentrified inner-western suburbs of Sydney, Rhodes Central is an upcoming mixed-use development by Billbergia designed to create a new urban village hub that is set against the backdrop of waterside views and a unique mangrove environment. Capturing the essence of the prime locality was paramount to MXM Design Studio, engaged by Billbergia to design the lobby and a pivotal sales suite for Tower B.

For the design of the sales suite, MXM Design Studio worked to an overall concept of ‘curved consciousness’, creating a tranquil space for the sales team that mirrors the curvaceous form of the building’s exterior and the fluid movement of the Parramatta River. The result is a welcoming professional environment that features a rich interplay of natural materials and evokes an overall sense of calm for occupants.

The raw materiality integral to the overall design of the sales suite is highlighted by the extensive use of timber veneer throughout the space. MXM Design Studio specified WoodWall Cumulus from the patented Elton Group range of high-quality timber veneers as a means to incorporate the natural beauty of timber into the project. Offering both aesthetic delight and enhanced functionality, the innovative WoodWall technology was perfectly suited to the full-height walls and curvaceous forms of the sale suite’s interior.

Underpinning the desire to bring nature into every space, WoodWall Cumulus acts as the perfect accompaniment to the waterside environment, generating a tranquil atmosphere for
future residents to experience the beauty of their new natural surroundings. The large, sequenced sheets provide an undulating timber surface that draws parallels directly from the topography of the Rhodes Peninsula.

Rejecting the preconceived constraints within which designers have traditionally created sales suites, MXM Design Studio has utilised Elton Group’s advanced WoodWall technology to push the boundaries of timber veneer in both design and application. The end result is a soft and relaxing sales suite that utilises natural materiality to bring the outside in.