Tonal Possibilities – Brickworks Releases the Highlands Range by Bowral Bricks

Words by Aaron Grinter
Brickworks Releases The Highlands Range By Bowral Bricks Short Feature The Local Project Image 01

Drawing on the traditional clays of the Southern New South Wales Highlands, the new Bowral Bricks Highlands range extends the tonal and textural possibilities of the humble material. The dark iron-rich clays are blended with time-honoured ingredients to create contrast and marbling unlike any other brick.

The Australian landscape is almost typified by its striking ferrous clays, the rich tones synonymous with this wide brown land. The Bowral Bricks master brickmakers capture the majesty of this palette, blending and imbuing it to create variations in colour and texture in the Highlands range. The results are as varied as the landscape itself, presenting sun-drenched greys, earthy browns, and iron-dark blacks, each beset with a wash of undulating marble expression.

The range pushes the boundaries of texture and colour typically seen in bricks, a point echoed proudly by Brett Ward, General Manager of International Marketing at Brickworks. “At Brickworks, we pride ourselves on offering innovative building solutions, and the Bowral Highlands range does just that with its unique tonality and expressive façade.” Not only made from the Australian landscape, they are made for the Australian landscape, with each brick carefully crafted to withstand the harsh sun, wind, and rain of this climate.

The range is available in eight distinct colourways, each suggesting a unique design language. The range can be matched to any architectural style, each colourway named after an area within the Southern Highlands itself. Maryla and Penrose capture the ashy wash of lichen-encrusted grey stone, light tones wash over a dark chestnut base. Tarlo and Jellore are a subtle take on the traditional red brick, drawn out more softly by the caramel and chocolate tones of the natural clay. Woodlands and Wingelo explore this concept with a deeper contrast and more variation, in a polychromatic effect. Natti and Bangadilly are the boldest selections, fully embracing the dark richness of iron as it chars to dark umber and mahogany tones, all the while contrasting with sandy or chocolaty hues, true architypes of the depth and variation of the Australian landscape.

Not only made from the Australian landscape, they are made for the Australian landscape.

Daringly blending intrinsically Australian earthy characters and tones with the classic red brick form, the Highlands range produces novel shades that morph from light to dark in unpredictable ways. Suitable for a range of different architectural designs, the Bowral Highlands offers variation and versatility, combined with quality and durability.