For the Love of Linen – Carlotta + Gee

Words by Vaishnavi Nayel Talawadekar
Photography by Alana Landsberry

Specialising in eco-friendly French linen made from flax, pre-washed with volcanic stones for inimitable softness, Sydney-based brand Carlotta + Gee’s signature range includes growing collections of bedding, kitchen and dining products along with lifestyle accessories. Founded by Carlotta Casals and Georgina Cavanagh, Carlotta + Gee reflects the friends-turned-business-partners’ love of linen and passion for home styling.

The founding mission for the brand was simple – to make the bedroom a soothing sanctuary for sleep. “The idea to create our own linen brand was born when we took a trip together to a boutique hotel in Byron Bay where we fell in love with the feeling of sleeping on pure linen bedding. From there, our obsession with linen bedding grew, and we combined our experience, developed our product over numerous trips to France and created our own brand,” say Carlotta and Georgina. Carlotta, who has roots in Barcelona, hails from a family of interior design and textile specialists, while Georgina is a brand, public relations and communications expert originally from Melbourne.

Since its inception just over four years ago, Carlotta + Gee has developed a versatile and growing repertoire.

Since its inception just over four years ago, Carlotta + Gee has developed a versatile and growing repertoire. The bedding collection, which can be found in luxury accommodation like The Barn Tas, includes duvet covers and sets, flat and fitted sheets, pillowcases, quilt covers and a mini flat sheet. This bedding collection is available in 17 earthy colours and has recently expanded to include not only king and queen sizes but single, king single and super king too. The flat sheets’ built-in 20-centimetre double-layered top edge affords each bed a tidy, well-made appearance; the pillow flap is extra deep to keep the pillow in place; and the doona covers have ties, not buttons, that give a natural, seamless effect. Carlotta + Gee also offers kitchen and lifestyle collections, which include tablecloths, placemats, tea towels, aprons, sleepwear, bags and robes. Besides its standard collections, the brand also offers monogrammed pieces, which can be specially requested when ordering online.

Underpinned by an ethos of sustainability, Carlotta + Gee’s 100 per cent French linen bedding and homeware products are thoughtfully made from flax. This fibre is sourced from Normandy, France, where optimal climatic conditions ensure the plants are grown naturally and ecologically, without the need for pesticides, heavy irrigation or dangerous chemicals. “Flax is the oldest and strongest natural fibre in the world. It’s naturally 30 per cent thicker and stronger than cotton, which extends the durability of our sheets, so you’ll be able to sleep comfortably in them for many years to come,” note Carlotta and Georgina.

Underpinned by an ethos of sustainability, the brand’s 100 per cent French linen bedding and homeware products are thoughtfully made from flax.

To ensure enduring softness, Carlotta + Gee linen is washed in volcanic Malaysian stones in an elaborate process that lasts over four hours. The breathability of linen means that the sheets are suited for all seasons. In the summer, the natural flax fibres allow for cooling air circulation, while its thermoregulatory properties retain body heat in the year’s cooler months, ensuring a warm and restful sleep experience. In a reflection of its eco-friendly mission, the linen is OEKO-TEX-certified, indicating that its fabric is free of harmful substances, and packaged in 100 per cent compostable, zero-waste mailer bags. The brand is also certified under the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), recognised as the world’s leading processing standard for textiles made from organic fibres.

All products are deliberately comfortable, effortless, low maintenance. The wrinkle-free properties of the sheets negate the need for ironing. The linen is also quick-drying, because its fabric is naturally permeable and can absorb up to 20 per cent of its weight in moisture before it begins to feel damp. “Unlike cotton, linen draws away the moisture in the air, remaining cool and dry to the touch. Its antibacterial properties are perfect for those with allergies or sensitive skin, and it’s also been known to stimulate blood flow,” say the co-founders.

Drawing on its founders’ passion for the benefits of linen in the home, Carlotta + Gee continues to grow and evolve. With a deep commitment to quality, sustainability and ethics, the brand is endeavouring to inspire a culture of better sleep and more environmentally-friendly choices.