The Future of Design – Carr Unveils Dynamic Restraint5.0

Words by Olivia Hides
Architecture by Carr
Photography by Courtesy of Carr
Interior Design by Carr
Dynamic Restraint5.0 Creative Designer Pidgeon Ward

This year, Melbourne-based architecture and interior design studio Carr celebrates 50 years of practice. To commemorate this achievement, Carr is unveiling Dynamic Restraint5.0.

Carr is a studio that champions timeless design, passion and endurance. Over the last five decades, these core values have propelled Carr forward as a progressive design studio. Naturally, ‘Dynamic Restraint5.0 – five decades of design practice’ is an extension of this, a concept that reflects the values held by Sue Carr and her team – passion, positivity and progression.

Sue’s long-time friend and design peer David Pidgeon, from creative studio Pidgeon Ward, is the creative designer behind Dynamic Restraint5.0. Though the ideas of ‘dynamism’ and ‘restraint’ may seem opposed, the two encompass Carr’s well-known understated aesthetic while capturing the evolution of humanity, adaption of space and futuristic pursuit of design that drives the studio’s work. It is an approach that continues to reinforce Carr’s place in the Australian design industry, embodying progression and cross-disciplinary collaboration.

Founded by Sue in May 1971, Carr advocates for connection and timelessness in the subtlety of design.

Founded by Sue in May 1971, Carr advocates for connection and timelessness in the subtlety of design. Carr, formally known as Inarc, pioneered the concept that the discipline of interior design was the equal of architecture. Sue’s enthusiasm for design continues to manifest throughout Carr’s work. This passion has seen the cross-disciplinary studio work on a multitude of projects that have ranged from hospitality to residential, office spaces and hotels. Sue has won a number of accolades for her dedication to design, including being inducted into the Design Institute of Australia’s Hall of Fame in 2006.

Carr’s perspective has remained true for 50 years – steadfastly concentrating on balancing continual growth while striving for excellence and focusing on comprehensive design. The studio’s varied projects routinely recognise the impact design has on the human experience, whether that be through the harnessing of light and shadow, the expression of context or materiality, or in the relationship between form or function. Dynamic Restraint5.0 captures Sue’s energy, sanctioning considered design, opportunity, innovation and creativity. Over the course of 2021, Carr will be honouring those who have contributed to the evolution of Carr through a range of events and activities.

Carr’s perspective has remained true for 50 years – the ability to balance striving for excellence, continual growth and comprehensive design.