Turning the Tables – The Great Dane Table Collection

Words by James Lyall Smith
Styling by Karen Evans
Furniture Great Dane

The perpetual table is an object ingrained in the fabric of humanity from the very beginning. A platform for the making of memories, swapping of stories, celebrations and commiserations. Empires have been built and destroyed upon tables, and the table is the fulcrum around which a home is established. One cannot underestimate the importance of a quality table, a fact acutely understood by those behind Great Dane, a company that has spent over 20 years providing Australians with premium Scandinavian tables.

For the past 20 years, Founder Anton Assaad and his team at Great Dane have prided themselves on providing the Australian market with the largest selection of premium Scandinavian design, while developing a renowned business built on strong values and quality products. Over the course of this journey, Great Dane has established itself as the destination of choice for those looking to invest in their forever table. Offering an unsurpassable selection of beautiful Scandinavian furniture, Great Dane has played a key role in the design journeys of thousands of people who have sought beauty, quality and craftmanship before discovering the perfect table for their homes.

At the centre of Great Dane’s collection of Scandinavian tables lies the incomparable Ten Table designed by Jacob Plejdrup and Christian Troels of acclaimed Danish furniture brand dk3. Available exclusively through Great Dane, the Ten Table is offered in round, rectangular and oval shapes, but it is the inherent beauty of the Ten Table design that has made it such a popular choice for Great Dane’s loyal clientele.

In complete contrast to the heaviness of the timber form, the design resonates with a lightness that is emphasised by the refined crafted details, such as the vertical grooves of the legs and the distinctive organic-shaped tabletop. The faintly curved shape of the tabletop combines perfectly with the sloping table edge, thus giving the Ten Table the impossible illusion of perpetual movement.

Akin to the relationships Great Dane has established with its clients over the past two decades, the partnership between the company and dk3 is built on a strong foundation of quality and a mutual appreciation for the beauty of authentic Danish design. Working with acclaimed Danish and international designers, à la Jacob Plejdrup and Christian Troels for the Ten Table, dk3’s love for organic material and uncompromising focus on quality is evident throughout the entire process, from the first design sketches to the manufacturing and eventual exclusive delivery to Great Dane showrooms in Sydney and Melbourne. Bound by a shared vision of uniting the finest traditions of craftmanship with modern society, Great Dane and dk3 are unceasingly seeking new horizons for design, evidenced in all their exclusive offerings and embodied in the unparalleled Ten Table.

By establishing itself as one of Australia’s finest destinations for the obtainment of a forever table, Great Dane has been able to play an integral role in the foundation of homes and lives across the country. Through its work with Scandinavian brands like dk3 and universally beautiful product offerings such as the Ten Table, Great Dane has constantly exceeded the expectations of those who came seeking a table but left with an investment in their future.