Handmade - ADA x FDD

HANDMADE – back to where we started?

Presented by AUTHENTIC DESIGN ALLIANCE & Factory Design District, hosted by Australian Design Centre for VIVID Ideas 2017

Has the explosion of industrially produced designer furniture, lighting and objects created a world where people now want the same stuff? Why are we witnessing the rise of artisanal processes, handmade products and traditional craftsmanship?

Moderated by celebrated author and design commentator Karen McCartney, 5 lightening presentations from leading Australia creative, will be followed by networking drinks.

When: Thursday June 1, 6.00 – 8.00pm (talk starts 6.30pm)

Where: Australian Design Centre, 101 William Street, Darlinghurst

Tickets: $25.00 includes panel discussion, followed by networking drinks. Ticket includes drinks – Bar by YOUNG HENRYS.

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5 x 5 minute lightening presentations (illustrated by Powerpoint) explore the Why, What, How & Where of the resurgence of artisanal process, and the growth in demand by design consumers for one-off and unique product.

The discussion centres on the resurgence of ‘slow design’ in retaliation to mass-production, consumerism, the need for more ‘stuff’ and the massive Australian problem of ‘replica furniture.’

Moderated by Karen McCartney | @mccartneyk


Andrew Simpson Vert Design, industrial designer – glass producer | @andrewcsimpson @vertdesignstudio

As an industrial designer working for large-scale mass produced products and projects – materiality remains central to Andrew’s practice. Recognised as an Australian expert on glass – Andrew shares his experience from developing his vases (made from up-cycled solar panels) that debuted in Milan, through to collaborations with other designers to create bespoke projects, highlighting how the handmade element pushes boundaries and affects the final outcome of products.


Jon Goulder, Jam Factory (Adelaide), Creative Director of Furniture, 4th generation designer-maker | @jongoulder @jamfactoryau

Jon’s practice is focused on handmade commissioned works and he strives to invent processes, and define himself as a furniture craftsman by creating limited edition and one-off works.

The Settlers Chair (an edition of 7) – recently exhibited in Milan (& procured by a collector), and in permanent collections of NGV and National Gallery Australia will illustrate his presentation – the water-formed leather seat / back being a process Jon developed.


Lisa Cahill Australian Design Centre, Director | @australiandesigncentre

As the director of one of Australia’s most important arts organisations, the ADC are commission new works, and create platforms that exhibit crafted design to an audience that extends beyond the design educated.

Exploring a recent project with indigenous design practitioner Nicole Monks Lisa illustrates the importance of the gallery context for creating opportunities to explore new materials and handmade (in Nicole’s case the use of Kangaroo hides as an integral part of the furniture design) and reveals how handmade process contributes to one-off and small production furniture designs.


William Smart Smart Design Studio, Founder & Creative Director | @williamsmart @smartdesignstudio

Celebrated Sydney architect William Smart aims to preserve craft when shaping the vision of projects., William presents examples from the multi award-winning INDIGO SLAM residence.

Hear how specialist glass was framed; brick archways custom-formed and finished; and how the client’s desire to have nothing mechanical in the building – lead to window blinds made in collaboration with a regional bespoke maker in Northern Victoria.

Believing that craftsmanship is the combination of intelligence (thinking), knowledge and technology –handcrafted can in one instance be the result of ‘handmade’ process; and also – ‘bespoke’ product / process can involve technology when creating customized products – revealing how the marriage between the client, available technology, craftsmanship / makers and shared vision can create unique outcomes.