Sailing into Open Skies – Infinity Views by Superseed Architecture

Words by Smriti Daniel
Architecture by Superseed Architecture
Photography by Jack Lovel
Interior Design by Mobilia
Artwork Mardi West

Anchored to the cliffs of Blackwall Reach, Infinity Views’ bold, fluid design answers the call of the Swan River below, opening up to magnificent views.

A ship on land. When Superseed Architecture was commissioned by Capozzi Building to create a structure on a challenging residential site overlooking the Swan River, the latter were initially taken aback to receive a three-storey design with curves throughout and no standard right-angle geometry in sight. Instead, the design – completely unlike anything else in that area – drew inspiration from the river curving below and the sleek lines of modern luxury yachts. Moored atop a cliff over the iconic Blackwall Reach, the home offers stunning views from every level and room.

“We wanted the setting to become part of its surrounds, rather than compete with it,” says Salvatore.

Designed by architect John LeClare Josephs, Director of Superseed Architecture, and built by Peter Capozzi of Capozzi Building, the residence is defined by this decision to celebrate the landscape it is anchored in. From the transparent sun halls that link the two wings and invite the light to flood the house to the entertaining area set against a cascading infinity pool and decked barbeque area, the house responds to the call of the water.

When approached to collaborate on the project, Mobilia’s Salvatore Fazzari did not want to disturb this visceral connection. He chose to furnish the alfresco area with Kettal’s outdoor range, meticulously selecting a palette that harmonised with the tones of its environment. “We wanted the setting to become part of its surrounds, rather than compete with it,” says Salvatore. “Various shades of green were selected including the Roll Club armchair and Vimini Settee by Patricia Urquiola and Block rug by Doshi Levien to reference the cliffside outlook.”

Indoors, the project is split across three tiered levels to maximise vertical space. The two volumes linked by a couple of glazed sun corridors offered an option to play with the furnishings, exploring different arrangements for each. On the upper level, raw concrete flooring in the open plan living area is complemented by the rich greens of Golran’s Garden of Eden March Free Shape Rug, set with the iconic Cassina Cab Chair in tan leather and the La Rotonda glass table. One level down, a lounge with expansive river views features Moroso’s sculptural Ruff armchair by Patricia Urquiola and Astep’s reissue of the Model 548 table lamp, designed in the 1950s by Gino Sarfatti.

The separation of the two volumes is not rigid but flexible, with the option of opening up the massive sliding doors in the sun halls to create a fluid space that flows between the driveway, entrance, sun hall and balcony – in effect converting a space that could host 10 people into one that can hold a 100. From these primary entertaining and living areas on the upper levels, the home extends to more private bedroom spaces below, including guest quarters and service areas. In addition, it boasts a lift, a double car stacker and wine cellars.

This project embodies the complex beauty of the landscape it sits in, every element a quiet, elegant ode to the beauty of the long reach of glimmering water below and the solid cliff face reaching up to a wide-open sky.