A Solid Base – Made by Block

Words by Millie Thwaites
Photography by Elise Scott

Flooring is an important element of any project; its expansive nature means it naturally plays a big part in defining an interiority. Among the many choices, timber is favoured across-the-board – from private residential projects to public spaces – for its ability to age well alongside its effortless tactility and warmth. A high-quality product installed with precision and care is key, and Melbourne-based engineered timber flooring supplier Made by Block won’t miss a beat, from design and supply to installation and maintenance.

Informed by years of experience working with timber flooring and driven by the idea of longevity, there’s a level of assurance and ease with Made by Block, a sibling company of Made by Storey. The timber is selected from premium European oak, harvested from Central and Eastern European forests only, and each board has a distinct personality with rich and natural grain patterns and organic variations.

Made by Block, a sibling company of Made by Storey, is a Melbourne-based engineered timber flooring supplier with a versatile range of flooring for private residential projects and public spaces.

The Made by Block collection is versatile; it encompasses both contemporary and traditional styles and a wide range of finishes, catering to projects of varying scales and aesthetics. Boards are available in plank formation for a minimal and contemporary profile, as well as herringbone and chevron for heightened detail. There’s also wall panelling – a clever option in bringing extra depth to an interior. Colour options are extensive, from crisp light-reflecting hues to deep nutty tones. Brera emanates delicate hazel shades infused with layers of light grey. Stockholm is a touch deeper, featuring blanched straw tones and a natural feel, while Fitzroy is a classic mid-tone with deeper highlighted grains. Darker again is Bennett’s Lane, defined by earthy chocolate hues and distinctive textures, and Old Havana is characterised by dark notes and deep textural grains. Wire brushing and coating with a matte lacquer elevates and protects the already rich and interesting finishes.

The construction is essential, too; all boards are available in 15- or 20-millimetre depths with oak layers of three- or four-millimetres respectively, on an EUC plywood core. A four-side tongue and groove system with micro bevelled edges ensures durability and robustness, and the boards are protected with a UV lacquer or oil. Armed with these features, Made by Block timber floorboards are destined for long lives. What’s more, the company’s holistic approach means no detail is missed. An in-house team of floor layers are on-hand to oversee installation, and the company provides extensive advice and resources for maintenance and ongoing care, seeing its floorboards through years of use.

A strong sense of pride, care and skill permeates Made by Block’s work. True experts in the field, the company has the fundamentals of timber flooring down pat, allowing for many moments of creativity and exploration underpinned by craft.