Effortless Elegance – Natalie Rolt by Archie Bolden

Words by Angharad Jones
Architecture by Archie Bolden
Photography by Dion Robeson
Build by Resivest

Natalie Rolt’s new Perth HQ combines a boutique design and manufacturing studio and a dispatch centre all in one. Taking cues from the fashion brand’s minimal and timeless design ethos, the interior architects at Archie Bolden have created an inviting, seamless space that works for every function.

To the rear of the building is where all the behind-the-scenes action happens, integrated into the flagship boutique using glass doors that celebrate (rather than hide) the inner workings of the brand. But it’s the store itself that immediately draws the eye. Sitting proudly at the front of the building, this space reflects its stripped-back exterior, with cooling white walls and pale polished concrete flooring that emanate the simplicity of the Natalie Rolt brand.

Cooling white walls and pale polished concrete flooring emanate the simplicity of the Natalie Rolt brand.

Subtle uses of texture and soft edges prevent the space from being austere. The team used curved elements throughout – corners of the store are rounded rather than sharp, mirrored in the thin white rails on which the clothes hang. The select few pieces of furniture – a statement circular table atop a textured ball-like stand and rounded sofas and chairs that encourage customers to stop and stay a while – carry on in this vein. Together, it creates a space that, although clean, white and minimal, is warm and inviting.

It’s an approach that puts the clothing centrestage. Thanks to the simple, almost gallery-like store, the colours, the shapes and the detailing of each item is given equal attention.