An Introduction

Words by Catherine Ashbridge
Photography by Hillary Bradford, Chris Daile & Tatjana Plitt
Apline House by Habitech - Quick On The Rise - Catherine Ashbridge - Feature Article

It’s often a dream to build a simplistically designed home that is also cost effective. Needless to say, many individuals are now keeping their eye on the latest designs and technology in the world of prefabricated homes.

Their manufacture is only gaining momentum. Due to the rapid need for housing affordability coupled with housing shortages (urban spread, or damage due to naturally occurring environmental factors), research has developed to produce quality homes with faster build times, more accuracy, less waste, sustainable features and dramatically reduced costs.

With escalating costs of life and vocational changes, the next generations are wondering if they will ever be able to afford and live with the same level of housing comfort that is many today know and have. Low cost, quality housing with great design is only gaining popularity with governments invested in finding answers to the question of housing affordability.

Brunswick - Archiblox - Quick On The Rise - Catherine Ashbridge Feature Article

Innovative companies with great names, such as; Box, Modscape, Archiblox, Podsystem, Habitech, Prebuilt, Arkit and Ecoliv are paving the new direction.

“Accessible architecture” is the catch phrase. Believing that everyone should be able to afford and enjoy an architecturally designed home that is beautiful, good for the environment and great for the people who live in it, is the philosophy behind Archiblox designs and Director Bill McCorkell.

Increasingly architectural and building companies are combining to develop panelized homes built in the factory. Walls, floors and roof panels are wholly constructed in the factory with insulation, cabling, plumbing and plastering. A truck delivers to site and a crane puts it together. Some companies create bathroom and kitchen pods in the factory to freight and simply slot into their designs.

Inverloch, Prebuilt photography Hillary Bradford - Quick On The Rise By Catherine Ashbridge - The Local Project Feature Article

Controlled environment building with precision planning and simplified designs helps to create time savings, cost savings and increased energy efficiency. Builds continue unhindered by adverse weather conditions.

Technology of prefab homes has changed from mass standardisation to mass customisation. The primary challenge for prefab housing companies is the misconception on quality. The reality is a prefab home has the same guarantees as one built on site.

Dan Heyworth, CEO of Box Design is exploring the reality of finding a solution to quality, cheaper, more functional homes. “If that is the commoditisation of architecture, then so be it. It’s exciting and the right direction. Too many architects are not really interested in making architecture more realistic for the average punter.”

Inverloch, Prebuilt photography Hillary Bradford - Catherine Ashbridge - Quick On The Rise

Pre-fabricated homes are a great way for people to achieve a build they’ve always dreamt of but never thought they could afford. For future generations, this is going to be a great option if not an only option.