NOMI Releases New Collection
Feature Article
Rushcutters Bay, NSW, Australia

Photography Ashley Corbett-Smith
Words James Lyall Smith

NOMI and Award-winning designer Tomek Archer have joined forces to create two pieces of customisable Australian furniture that are guaranteed to suit any environment.

 The Skirt Table and Shuttle Stool created by NOMI and Tomek Archer are two pieces of Australian furniture that were designed to be together. This brand-new collection was cleverly designed to be compatible with any hospitality, commercial or residential environment. Both pieces of furniture are highly customisable and utilise manufacturing techniques developed exclusively by NOMI to not only blend in to your chosen environment but also become the design focal point of the space.

The dominant piece in this furniture relationship is the Skirt Table. The design of the Skirt Table is focused on a central conical aluminum skirt that allows the piece to develop a strong connection between the table legs and top. This design intentionally offers the flexibility to deliver an entire series of tables that can be produced in a cavalcade of options for the client’s specific furniture design needs. The central circular element of the Skirt Table allows the stylish table legs to be locked in place with NOMI’s patented central locking wedge. NOMI also made sure that the table legs can be cut to length to create tables at various heights. The customisable nature of this piece of furniture design is explored further still with the shape, size and material of the table tops taking on an interchangeable nature that allows the Skirt Table to evolve over time. The furniture technology that is at the design core of the Skirt Table is explained by NOMI Co-founder and current Head of Technology Henry Gresson. ‘This is our first step in allowing the technology to facilitate furniture systems. We have significantly increased our customisation capabilities – this includes adding and removing materials, changing heights, and the removal of some design components, making purchasing from NOMI a truly unique experience.’

The second element in this stylish Australian furniture design relationship is the no less beautiful Shuttle Stool. The Shuttle Stool was designed to not only complement the Skirt Table but improve the aesthetic elements of the furniture piece as one simply cannot exist without the other. The stool was designed to be stacked away for hassle free storage and comes in various heights to suit any environment. Constructed from precise formed wire, this furniture design piece is defined by its radial corners that deliver a soft physical and visual finish. The Shuttle Stool is perfect for any compact or large space within which a stylish, yet practical seating solution is required. NOMI head-designer & practising architect Tomek Archer (Archer Office) comments of his design thought behind both stunning furniture pieces. ‘There is a natural synergy between the design of these products. The soft edges, flexibility and harmonious design elements will work everywhere and at a price for any project.’ Ultimately the technology and customisation that defines the Skirt Table and Shuttle Stool will allow the furniture collection to take a unique place in Australian furniture design history. The furniture collection can adapt to any environment it is placed within and will improve the overall aesthetics of the space. The customisable nature of both the Skirt Table and Shuttle Stool allows both furniture pieces to be tailored to suit even the most unique interior design projects.

Photographed by Ashley Corbett-Smith.

Styled by Jessica Eva.

Head to NOMI‘s website to discover more about the Shuttle Stool & Skirt Table.

Published 30 November, 2017
Photography  Ashley Corbett-Smith
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