A Sustainable Haven for the Community – Society 1056 by YourLand Developments

Words by Peter Bain
Build by Schiavello
Interior Design by Move-In FF&E
Landscape Design by Spiire
Engineering by Spiire
Joinery by Schiavello
Branding by Grenade Studio
In Partnership with YourLand Developments

In the Melbourne suburb of Fraser Rise, Society 1056 stands as a testament to YourLand Developments’ commitment to sustainable development. With a focus on environmental and social sustainability, Society 1056 embodies the vision and ethos of YourLand.

With a reputation for fostering collaborative partnerships in residential developments, YourLand has brought its expertise to an ambitious new development in the north-west of Melbourne.

Society 1056 reflects YourLand’s commitment to creating communities where families can come together to share their dreams, plans and ambitions. For nearly 15 years, YourLand has built thriving communities that facilitate growth and connection, providing spaces where individuals and nature can flourish collectively.

Just 24 kilometres from Melbourne’s CBD, Society 1056 offers residents a harmonious blend of suburban tranquillity and first-class urban amenities, in a vibrant and connected community.

Set within Fraser Rise, an up-and-coming suburb near the well-established neighbourhoods of Caroline Springs and Taylors Hill, Society 1056 spans a sprawling 93-hectare site.

This visionary, all-electric development comprises 1,300 new homes, a government primary school, walkways, cycle paths, local shops, a community centre, nine hectares of open green space and a large recreation and sporting reserve. Just 24 kilometres from Melbourne’s CBD, the development offers residents a harmonious blend of suburban tranquillity and first-class urban amenities, in a vibrant and connected community.

The careful selection of materials and attention to detail ensure the development is a stand-out in the burgeoning region. From the thoughtful use of landscaping to the modern design principles of the homes, Society 1056 reflects YourLand’s commitment to environmental and social sustainability.

Society 1056 goes beyond traditional development approaches. The implementation of 100 Environmentally Sustainable Design (ESD) practices throughout the development is a testament to YourLand’s dedication to reducing its environmental footprint.

An impressive canopy of more than 5,000 new trees will be planted throughout Society 1056, including pollination corridors and micro forests inspired by Japanese botanist Akira Miyawaki . Shadeways and an increased tree canopy enhance the benefits of natural cooling and are expected to reduce the temperature of the surrounding environment by up to 7 degrees in the peak of summer.

Seven-star home builds are strongly encouraged and are supported by YourLand’s solar rebate, an initiative providing 5kW solar systems on all 1,300 homes within the neighbourhood. Lighter-pigmented roads reduce summer temperatures and are designed to redirect water to landscaped areas for irrigation. Residential water tanks reduce reliance on mains water systems, creating resilience during dry spells.

Whilst promoting biodiversity, improving air quality and creating healthier living spaces, these initiatives also work to significantly reduce the impact of the ‘Urban Heat Island’ effect, a phenomenon by which a suburb or town is significantly warmer than the surrounding rural areas due to infrastructure and human activity.

At Society 1056, the vision extends beyond environmental considerations, as the design has been purposefully crafted to facilitate social interaction. YourLand understands the value of social sustainability and has integrated community-focused amenities into the development, including the local government school, community centre and extensive network of bike tracks. The walkable masterplan encourages a more active lifestyle, motivating residents to connect and interact, fostering a sense of belonging.

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With its environmentally conscious design – from the sales office to project infrastructure – focus on social connectivity and commitment to a better future, Society 1056 is a haven for nature and a community for generations to come.

Visit the Society 1056 sales office at 1056 Taylors Road, Fraser Rise.