The Botanical Emporium – Ivy Muse
Armadale, Victoria, Australia

Words Thida Sachathep

Ivy Muse seeks to cultivate happiness, serenity and wellbeing through plants, designing botanical wares that amplify greenery within a space.

Founded in spring of 2014, the botanical wares studio classifies is based in Armadale, in Melbourne’s inner south-east. As the brainchild of long-term friends Jacqui Vidal and Alana Langan, at Ivy Muse a curated collection of plants, ceramics, botanical wares and accessories can be found occupying the space.

Having launched in mid this-2019, Playback is an extensive collection that comprises eight contemporary botanical wares and draws its inspiration from the decadence of the 1970s.

Ivy Muse initially launched with just four plant stands, but the studio’s passion for the power of living greenery to encourage wellbeing has seen Ivy Muse become well- established within the design industry. In 2017, Ivy Muse published their first book with Thames & Hudson titled ‘Plant Style: How to Greenify Your Space’, offering readers an almanac of ways to incorporate plants into the design of an interior.

The hand-crafted designer plant stands also serve a practical purpose by allowing people to save floor space and ensuring that the interior does not succumb to any water damages.

Each collection showcases founders Jacqui and Alana’s passion for wellness and the benefits that plants can bring people by finding different ways to incorporate plants into a space. From planters and pots, to hanging vessels and plant stands, Ivy Muse provides all the tools required to engage creatively with plants. And for those who need a little help, Botanical Emporium extends its offering by also providing plant styling and maintenance services.

Lumen, Ivy Muse’s latest addition, is formed from a single piece of glass and makes for an ideal petite table-topper. The functional form can house small plants, open-air terrariums and flowers.

Exciting things are in the works for Ivy Muse, with a new collection of botanical wares set to launch early 2020. “We’ve also recently launched an interview series [called] ‘Wellbeing with Plants’, where we chat about the benefits of life with plants. Interviewees include landscape designer Phillip Withers, and artist Elizabeth Wilson, to name a few people. Plus, we’re working on another exciting project too, but we have to remain tight-lipped about it for now. But stay tuned!”

Blurring the line between the world of design and the realm of plants, Ivy Muse is part of a new avenue for creative expression in interior design. And by bringing plants indoors to become an integral part of the interior, the studio is continuing in their goal of cultivating the atmosphere of serenity and wellbeing that comes with the presences of plants.

Recent pieces from Ivy Muse are also the result of various collaborations with local leather craftswoman Kym Lightfoot, and renowned Victorian-potter Robert Gordon.

At Ivy Muse a curated collection of plants, ceramics, botanical wares and accessories can be found occupying the space.

Tlp Ivymuse Lumen 4
Published 26 November, 2019
Photography  Annette O’Brien
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