A Big Impact, A Small Footprint – The Bungalow by The Sociable Weaver

Words by Thida Sachathep
Architecture by The Sociable Weaver
Photography by Marnie Hawson

Big in impact but small in footprint, The Bungalow by The Sociable Weaver is a home that exemplifies the unity of sustainable design principles and a relaxed coastal lifestyle.

The tiny house movement, which has propelled many around the world to live a minimalistic lifestyle, reminds us all to strip back our lives and celebrate practicality. In the same manner, The Bungalow by The Sociable Weaver was designed to explore small footprint living at Cape Paterson, Victoria.

The exterior of The Bungalow is a nod to the sleek likes of Scandinavian design.

The three-bedroom home is designed to feel spacious using light, height and a functional approach to living. Boasting simple luxury, it encourages the young couple to celebrate connection and consideration with themselves and their surroundings. As sustainable building and design studio, The Sociable Weaver ensured that there were multiple environmental considerations throughout The Bungalow. Not only does it utilise passive solar design principles by minimising mechanical heating and cooling but the home is also powered using solar panels, water tanks and heat pump technology.

The reduction of environmental impact and increase in ability to reconnect with nature places The Bungalow at the forefront of sustainable design. Inspired by a simple approach to living, which are both anchored in Scandinavian and Japanese design concepts that inspired several design elements, The Bungalow is a hybrid between minimalism and beachside living. The front and rear of the home is cladded in shiplap silvertop ash. The external façade has been deliberately designed to allow greenery to grow over time, changing colours with the season and connecting with the surroundings throughout nature’s cycles.

Designed to be a restorative retreat, the material palette reflects the coastal context

At 72 square metres, the bottom floor of The Bungalow houses the master bedroom, bathroom and open plan living, dining and kitchen. A double-height ceiling soars above the living space. Two bedrooms and the second bathroom sits on the second mezzanine level, proving to be the ideal way of reducing overall footprint and maximising space that needs to be prioritised. With a European laundry and study nook, skilful design decisions by The Sociable Weaver enables multiple storage options that are concealed and visually delightful.

Aligning beauty and sustainability, The Bungalow is the outcome of clever, compact and considered design.

Warm light floods through the living room with views of the surrounding hills beyond.
The exposed kitchen joinery inspires considerate buying choices with minimal and sleek horizontal lines.