The Studio by Amelia Barry Interiors

Words by Bronwyn Marshall
Photography by Parker Blain
Styling by Aisha Chaudhry
Styling by Kate Lewis

For her new studio in Malvern, Victoria, designer Amelia Barry wanted an immersive space that would also provide inspiration for her team and clients. “I think people want to feel calm and transported when they enter a space like this,” she says. Layered with nuanced feminine touches, the studio also embraces the history of the building.

Each detail has been carefully considered here, and the result blurs the line between workspace and atelier, marked by an inspired showcase of curated pieces. Amelia was keen on something experiential, too, not just in terms of her work but somewhere that would invite clients to take a journey from the outset.

“There is quite a feminine feel in this space and, as a team of women, I think that is perfect for us.”

“I wanted to create a space that inspired our clients when they stepped in,” she says. The emphasis on tranquillity is clear – from the softness of the pieces on display to the subtle textures and elements that are revealed as you move through the studio. “There is quite a feminine feel in this space and, as a team of women, I think that is perfect for us.”

In terms of her approach to materiality, Amelia explains that she wanted to showcase what the studio is capable of, “especially with custom pieces, while keeping the palette pretty neutral so that the shapes and the materials tell the story”. The thoughtful curation of finishes, lighting, artwork and furniture evokes a crafted and elevated aesthetic throughout the entire space. Amelia believes the uniqueness of the studio lies in it being “an expression of who I am – soft and organic, but with an edge. I think that’s often of interest to people when they meet an interior designer – wanting to know who the designer actually is.”

The studio acts as a personal canvas for Amelia and her work, allowing her to immerse each client within a gentle, inviting and considered place for inspiration and reflection.

Interior design by Amelia Barry Interiors.