Beauty in Simplicity – The Village Collection by Aplos

Words by Michelle Bateman
In Partnership with Aplos

With a moniker derived from the Greek word for simplicity, Aplos captures the essence of ‘beauty in simplicity’, a philosophy that lies at the very core of the brand.

Founded in 2019 by Simon Cross and Helen Kontouris, Aplos was conceived from a deep-seated aspiration to develop products that elevate and enrich both commercial and residential environments by creating contemporary furniture and products that blend visual allure with uncompromising quality. This perfect harmony of innovative design and profound production knowledge sets each collection apart, capturing the spirit of the times underpinned by a keen sensibility that responds to fluctuating cultural influences.

A light, elegant and agile seating system, The Village Plump adapts seamlessly to evolving needs across diverse environments.

One of Aplos’s acclaimed and awarded collections, The Village, balances a commanding visual identity with a refined and inviting sense of comfort. The collection is a testament to authentic, timeless luxury that fosters comfortable and versatile interior spaces. Each element in The Village collection is intricately upholstered and masterfully stitched, adding a richly textural dimension. Carefully sewn piping highlights the extraordinary attention given to crafting each piece by hand. A cornerstone of this collection, The Village Plump Lounge is designed to balance a potent visual identity with comfort and sophistication. A light, elegant and agile seating system, The Village Plump adapts seamlessly to evolving needs across diverse environments – from aged-care facilities and workspaces to public and education settings. The curved design encourages versatility, collaboration and focused interior spaces, while the textiles are health-friendly GECA-certified materials crafted with meticulous attention to detail.

Aplos is proudly Australian and deeply committed to creating and producing its entire product range locally, placing authenticity at the heart of its operations. Manufacturing locally allows Aplos to reduce carbon emissions, uphold sustainability values and support the local community by preserving jobs and skills. The brand’s deeply rooted pride emanates from its exceptional team of artisans and craftspeople who transform every Aplos vision into a tangible reality. A reflection of this vision, The Village collection by Aplos is designed to transcend boundaries and foster unparalleled creativity across a multitude of environments by enveloped in timeless luxury.