Hemp House
Steffen Welsch Architects
Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Words Rebecca Wilkinson
Photography Rhiannon Slatter
Project Specification
Project Name: Hemp House
Project Type:
Location: Melbourne, VIC, Australia
Photographer: Rhiannon Slatter

Made from Hempcrete, Hemp House is the first of its kind to be built on the Australian Mainland.

Hempcrete is new to Australia and is made from a bio-composite material, which is a mixture of hemp hurds and lime, and can be used as a material for construction and insulation.

Designers Steffen Welsch Architects live by the view that when it comes to building sustainability, you need to look beyond the hard and cold facts, to provide an environment which has other qualities, in addition to being environmentally sensitive.

By using less resources and energy in both design and construction of a property, and making sure a design is not just beautiful, but functional and affordable too, people will simply just love it.

The Hemp House project, is a dual occupancy home for three generations to explore co-housing, and was built with a combination of rammed earth, timber and Hempcrete walls.

This created a very beautiful and healthy environment for the family to live in, and for the designers to appreciate the quality.

The interior design of polished concrete floors, natural stone tiled walls, with pale coloured woods and white walls, which have been used throughout each space within the house, compliments the idea of the house being naturally sustainable to the environment.

Each space is open and exposed to an abundance of light, creating a warming and inviting passage of story telling for home owner and guests, with the house being the first made from Hempcrete on the Australian mainland.

Photography by Rhiannon Slatter.

The Hemp House made with hempcrete by Steffan Welsch Architects, Melbourne, VIC (6)
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Published 22 November, 2017
Photography  Rhiannon Slatter
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