Jack Flanagan - Designer Profile Image - Perth, Western Australia
Jack’s projects, spanning from playful lighting to elegant stool designs, express an aesthetic that is simultaneously interesting and comfortable.
Studio -gram Profile Image - Adelaide, SA, South Australia, - Architecture and Interior Design
With a dynamite working relationship tipped towards the eccentric, fun and stylishly excessive, the pair behind studio -gram have risen to esteem.
A Piece by Javier
How living collectively in Portugal, Paris, Spain and London influences their design of spaces.
Spacial Series by Nathan Ominski - Header Image
A series exploring how everyday people and architects practice good design.
Jon Goulder - Settlers Chair Milan Edition
Jon Goulder’s Settlers chair introduces an original- yet rehashed- interpretation of the Australian aesthetic to Milan Design Week 2017.
Daniel Boddam Designer Of The Month - The Local Project - Monument Collection - Profile Image
Drawing from fine arts to translate silhouette and linear movement into the corporeal world.
J.D.Lee Furniture - Jeremy & Hana - Sustainable Furniture Design
Jeremy of JD.Lee Furniture - a natural-born designer keeping it local and sustainable.
Jeremy Bull - Alexander &CO. - Architect of the Month - Redfern, NSW, Australia
Jeremy Bull of Alexander &CO. - translating the seemingly trivial into architectural feats of wonder.
Gina & Leah - SLABSbyDesign Designer Profile Image - Surry Hills, Sydney, Australia
When founder Gina couldn't find the perfect concrete table she decided to make her own
TUCKBOX - Designer Profile Image - Melbourne North, Australia
TUCKBOX - using honest materials to create sustainable designs through experimentation.
Tom & Sally - Timbermill - Marickville, Sydney, Australia - Designer Profile Image
Transforming their hobby in furniture design into a dream career.
Creating hand-crafted wooden bathroom fittings for a sustainable, natural alternative.
Creating a coastal-inspired collection with quality at the forefront.
Action Shot of Daniel Poole on the Panel Saw - Woodworker and maker of the month - the local project
A furniture designer fighting the throw-away culture.
Mr Draper Interview - Lillie Thompson - Image 1
Handmade in Melbourne, Mr. Draper products are thoughtfully crafted from quality materials with a preference towards local, sustainable and ethical suppliers.
Rowsaan - Photographed by Lillie Thompson - Image Gallery
Rowsaan is a metal smithing practice working out of Kyneton who hand-make objects for use in the home including hooks, furniture handles, knives & spoons.
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