A Fresh Take on Sustainability – Introducing RIISE

Words by Olivia Hides
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In Partnership with RIISE

Curating a mindful selection of content through a lens of sustainability– from lifestyle and fashion to homewares and beauty – RIISE is committed to empowering people to be part of the solution of sustainable living. Showcasing engaging yet socially and environmentally conscious products, RIISE is actively rewriting the narrative around climate change.

The online platform is dedicated to crafting content for a generation of socially and environmentally conscious consumers. With a strong emphasis on values of accountability and transparency, each product and brand featured on the site is vetted by RIISE’s Climate Credentials framework. Created in consultation with Sonzai Studios, this framework outlines a series of sustainable parameters to ensure RIISE continues work towards meaningful change whilst leaving room to evolve.

As an online platform, RIISE is dedicated to crafting curated and transparent content for a generation of socially and environmentally mindful consumers.

Recognising the need for an economic solution to climate change, RIISE also presents RIISE Shop – a global online avenue that reimagines the traditional shopping experience and shines a light on sustainable brands. By showcasing the very best of environmentally responsible homewares, lifestyle, beauty and fashion, RIISE Shop ensures that the consumer can make real, impactful change without compromising on aesthetic and style.

As with its online content platform, each brand and item featured on RIISE Shop has been individually assessed against RIISE’s 10 Climate Credentials, holding the company accountable to driving meaningful change. All RIISE Shop deliveries and returns are 100% carbon neutral and packaging is plastic-free. Rejecting any promotion of impulse buying or overconsumption, RIISE features brands and products that align with mindful and purposeful shopping values, allowing the customer to feel both informed and inspired.

Sustainability is an ongoing commitment for any brand and platform. As an ever-evolving notion, RIISE is dedicated to demystifying these ideals for the consumer to contribute to a more hopeful future.