An Olfactory Experience – The Sensorium at Aesop Sydney by Snøhetta

Words by Millie Thwaites
Architecture by Snøhetta
Photography by Tom Ferguson
Build by EMAC
Interior Design by Snøhetta
Styling by Aesop
Development by Aesop

Located within Aesop’s Sydney store on Pitt Street, The Sensorium invites curious minds and inquisitive noses to explore aroma. The design expresses all the hallmarks of the Aesop brand, yet this is an olfactory experience all of its own.

Designed in collaboration with Snøhetta, the space is akin to a surrealist pod defined by sweeping curves, smooth surfaces, tactile stone and dusty pink hues. It sits in sharp contrast to the robust, utilitarian aesthetic of the existing Aesop store with granite-covered walls, steel joinery and grey tones. The pod’s irregular arched entrances reference waves of scent diffusing the air and create a cocoon-like effect; the warm glow from within – and Aesop’s delicate and heady aromas – beckon.

The Sensorium at Aesop Sydney celebrates the invisible quality of scent. Designed in collaboration with Snøhetta, the space presents as a Surrealist pod with a wonderfully offbeat form, dusty pink hues and soft lighting.

Inside The Sensorium, shelves lined with Aesop’s signature vessels follow the curve of the wall while a central stone table is lit beneath a circular skylight. The restrained palette of materials gives way to a tranquil interiority, enhanced by carefully curated notes filling the air. Candles sit within stone voids, flickering gently and emitting aromas inspired by the cosmos. The feeling is one of uncluttered and organised ease, with a sense of calm instilled through lighting and, most importantly, scent.

The Fragrance Armoire houses Aesop’s seven eau de parfum. Together with an Aesop consultant, visitors can explore crisp, floral notes; fresh and citrusy scents; or woody fragrances deepened with spice. What’s more, leave your coat in the ‘infusion chamber’ where it’ll be imbued with your chosen scent – think of it as a keepsake to enjoy as the day goes on.

Snøhetta and Aesop have created a space that champions the invisible quality of scent. The Sensorium is a serene escape from the Sydney CBD, offering a moment of self-discovery guided by soothing materials and stimulating aromas.