Meaghan White Architect
Architecture & Interior Design
Cottesloe, WA, Australia

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Meaghan White is a beginning to end architect and interior designer. That means she handles—with thoughtful attention to detail—every aspect of every project she takes.

Whether it’s a home for a one, a couple or family, a holiday retreat designed to sleep crowds, or a renovation, the genesis of each project is getting to know the people who will be living there. This informs Meaghan’s design brief and the shared vision between architect and client.

A talented and loyal team of builders and craftspeople who know and understand her philosophy and work ethic collaborate with her on each project. This relationship has been built over years, creating a fluid progression from working drawings to completion.

Meaghan isn’t looking for high volume work. She is personally present on each project through to the point of the client moving in, advising on everything from materials to taps. This highly singular service keeps her Cottesloe practice small in favour of maintaining her commitment to personalised design integrity.

She works from a mezzanine studio in her own house in Cottesloe which she shares with her husband Deon and their two daughters.

Connect with Meaghan White Architect

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