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Star Architecture

Northcote, VIC, Australia

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Elwood House Of Elwood, Vic By Star Architecture (10) (800x752)


Star Architecture is a Melbourne-based architecture and interior design studio established in 2015.

They are dedicated to developing sleek, intelligent designs that identify the architectural potential of a space.

Their main focus is to fuse sustainability with practical living through the experience of space, materials and light.

Star Architecture believe that the client-architect relationship carries the design process: from conversation to concept, consultation to completion.

Being a small studio, they have developed a comprehensive design expertise, where the combined efforts of all their collaborators has great significance in the project’s final result.

Star Architecture was founded in 2015 by Aleksandra Savic Rakocevic.

With a broad range of experience from small to large-scale projects, Aleksandra is focused on finding optimal and clean design through form, light and shape.

Aleksandra’s driving force is design curiosity and will work with the client to discover the true potential in every project she undertakes.


Featured Projects

The renovation of this heritage home honors the historical significance of the frontage, whilst replacing the existing back extension of the property.

Elwood House by Star Architecture is the restoration of a large family home located in the Victorian suburb of Elwood.

Northcote House 02 by Star Architecture is a challenging new residential project located in the inner-city suburb of Northcote in Melbourne.

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