Marblehouse Yt Thumbnail 1
Inspired by European design, Grange Road Residence balances an intricate choreography of proportion, texture and light.
Courtyard House By Chrofi Video Feature The Local Project Image 01
Inspired by the need to create a robust reinterpretation of the traditional rural Australian home.
Sandcastle Yt Thumbnail 2
With Sand Castle, Luigi Rosselli Architects, Raffaello Rosselli Architect and Alwill Interiors unite to produce a poetic exploration of materiality and site.
Uxbridge Yt Thumbnail 2
Tim Stewart Architects’ Uxbridge House is the quintessential family home that inverts the traditional materiality of the Queenslander.
Gestiwildly Yt Thumbnail
Gesticulating Wildly by Carter Williamson Architects is a home of disparate parts which, in unity, find synergy through design.
Brightoneast2 Inform Yt Thumbnail
Brighton East by InForm provides a solid and timeless family home with multi-functional capabilities and a touch of playfulness.
Marathon Yt Thumbnail
Through a rigorous and pragmatic approach, Neil Architecture creates spaces for connection and for privacy, ensuring Marathon House is supportive of all aspects of family life.
Fourpillars Yt Thumbnail
Designed by interior design wunderkind Yasmine Ghoniem of YSG Studio, Eileen’s Bar, the latest offering to a resurgent Sydney hospitality scene, welcomes patrons to quench their thirst surrounded.
Northhouse Mckimm Website Thumbnail
The North House sees mckimm combine references to the classical colonnade together with a modern and contemporary approach to conjure a home intended to endure.
Taroela Yt Thumbnail
Taroela by MCK Architects intertwines modern design with restored features and textual style, instilling a sense intrigue at every turn.
The Cobargo Santa Project By Breathe Video Feature The Local Project Image 01
The Local Project travelled to Cobargo to document the extraordinary story of Dave and Barb, who lost their home on New Years’ Day 2020.
Carlottaresidence Yt Thumbnail2
Carlotta Residence in Double Bay, Sydney, reflects the clients’ personalities and captures the urban feel of the cities they have previously lived in.
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