The Embodiment of Simplicity and Lightness – Brighton East by InForm

Photography by Derek Swalwell
Video by Cheer Squad
Styling by Bek Sheppard
Design and Construction InForm

A contemporary family home located in Melbourne’s bayside, Brighton East from InForm was designed in conjunction with project architects Pleysier Perkins.

After having lived on the site for over 10 years, the clients approached InForm with a strong sense of what they needed from their new home on the site. The preference for natural materials sees a recycled brick exterior form a monolithic masonry form, which sits alongside a lightweight, timber and glass pavilion, to create a modern living environment for a young family.

The house pivots around a central courtyard, providing a unique aspect from the hallway, den, and main living pavilion. Towards the rear of the property, the back garden and pool allow for entertaining in a space large enough for the whole family and plenty of guests. Playing with ideas of openness and enclosure, Brighton East House successfully evokes a sense of simplicity and lightness. Choreographed by the plan and made possible on the back of the strong relationships shared amongst client, architect and builder, Brighton East is brought to life through an inventive structure, natural materials and abundant garden for the family to enjoy.