Bold and Playful – Nest Kitchen by Studio Doherty

Words by Aimee O’Keefe
Photography by Derek Swalwell
Video by Ryan Wehi
Interior Design by Studio Doherty
Styling by Natalie James
Art Direction by Ortolan
Laminate Surfaces by Laminex
Flooring by WOODCUT
In Partnership with Laminex

Nest Kitchen by Studio Doherty in collaboration with Laminex is a contemporary and multifaceted culinary space that is equally playful and bold. Through the inspired use of colour and texture, Studio Doherty reveals the power of Laminex textures and colours to transform the heart of the home in this concept kitchen.

The multipurpose space is the epitome of bold and colourful design, particularly for smaller kitchen areas, and is well suited to a younger demographic. As such, the concept kitchen is incredibly organised, efficient and accessible whilst grounded in a midcentury-inspired diner aesthetic. “The functionality of any kitchen is important and none more so than in smaller kitchens,” reflects Mardi Doherty, a director at Studio Doherty.

Studio Doherty’s concept kitchen for Laminex, Nest epitomises a bold and colourful approach and is designed for smaller spaces and young families.

Nest Kitchen features a back bench for food preparation and cooking, as well as a front bench, which doubles as another space for preparation, entertaining and possibly work. “We can imagine someone working at the desk while someone is prepping a meal for dinner,” says Mardi. The concept kitchen exemplifies flexible design and integrates elements typically used in hospitality venues in a residential setting. The dining area seamlessly merges with the kitchen, with a circular booth designed in Studio Doherty’s signature playful style featuring alongside a pantry, which is also treated as an extension of the living room.

The unit is clad in the Kalamata AbsoluteMatte range from Laminex, with the rear wall painted the same colour as the pantry so that it all blends beautifully together. “It can feel like a piece of joinery unit that is connected more with the living room but is actually just very close and adjacent to the kitchen,” notes Mardi. This approach creates a fun and colourful kitchen with a purpose that is extended beyond just food preparation.

The bold design of the Nest kitchen harnesses the multifaceted essence of the contemporary kitchen and the dynamic offerings at Laminex to rewrite traditional kitchen design narratives.

Studio Doherty adopts a bold and multifaceted approach in the creation of Nest Kitchen and utilises the dynamic offerings at Laminex to rewrite traditional kitchen design. “We hope that this collaboration encourages people to be brave with Laminex. You can really elevate your kitchen design by using Laminex’s textures and colours,“ concludes Mardi. Studio Doherty sets an exciting precedent when it comes to expressing individuality within kitchen design. The designer boldly moves away from the safety of convention whilst remaining practical and playful.