A Living Legacy – Nine by Bates Smart

Words by Olivia Hides
Architecture by Bates Smart
Build by Buildcorp.
Interior Design by Bates Smart
Furniture ownworld

The new office and studio space created for Nine is the culmination of a collaboration between Bates Smart, Buildcorp, and furniture consultancy ownworld. What stands now is a monumental building that celebrates Nine’s history and its dedication to news.

A collaboration that grew from a complex but stirring brief, the relationships between the three agencies meant they were prepared for the challenge. What resulted was a functional space that brings together a considered sense of style with an emphasis on the employee’s needs, both current and future.

Nine had remained at the company’s old residency for 59 years, a legacy that was not lost on Bates Smart. Using this opportunity, Bates Smart and Buildcorp created practical, creative spaces, with news at the heart of the design.

The structural rhythm of the building is accentuated by the furniture used, which was delivered, manufactured and built on location. This required ownworld to think resourcefully and create a working space that complements the building’s overall aesthetic. The consistent design inspires workplace interactions and communication.

Together, Nine, Buildcorp, Bates Smart and ownworld have ensured the space is efficiently utilised, with functionality at the forefront.