Design That Lasts – Biasol Studio

Words by Olivia Hides
Photography by Timothy Kaye, Derek Swalwell, James Geer, James Morgan,
Interior Design by Biasol Studio

Biasol Studio is a multidisciplinary practice whose products are inspired by a love of European design and brought to life in Melbourne through collaborations with local makers.

Established in 2012 by founder Jean-Pierre Biasol, the international multi-award-winning studio has cemented itself among the design greats. To this day, Biasol maintains a holistic approach, whereby products, interiors, buildings, and graphics are all considered as integral parts of a greater whole. It is an ethos that naturally led the Biasol team to develop their own product collections after designing custom furniture for Biasol Studio projects. Championing timeless design and Australian manufacturing, Biasol combines a distinctive elegance with technical precision, driven by the team’s attention to quality and detail.

Inspired by Jean-Pierre’s love of European design (nurtured during his time spent studying and working abroad), Biasol’s range has a strong focus on distinctive products that bring together the best of its European counterparts. “Our style can be seen as an Italian flair and passion; German precision with a Scandinavian style, all coming together,” says Jean-Pierre. “We love modernising on traditional elements with a sense of simplicity, with strong consideration to form, function [and] an intention to withstand the test of time.”

This studio approach to product development that evolved from a passion for classic design, superior materials, and quality finishes has fostered a deep respect for the value of local manufacturing. “It’s about designing to last, to perform and function as much as it is about the creators, the makers and the people coming together behind the design that makes it just so special,” Jean-Pierre reflects. Collaborating with Melbourne-based makers to create timeless and enduring pieces, such close relationships with Australian makers and manufacturers not only ensure the designs are executed to the highest level but also allows Biasol to offer swift product lead times.

Biasol’s product range, which is available to view by appointment at the Cremorne studio, consists of the modular sofa collection, Comoda; the freestanding floor mirror, Tondo; indoor and outdoor Tre Mezzo Stools available in timber, terrazzo, fabric and leather upholstery; and finally, the indoor and outdoor Tre Mezzo Tables. True to Biasol’s holistic approach to design, each product is created with the idea of customisation at its heart and is offered in range of configurations, colour palettes, sizes, and fabrics or leathers. In the near future, Biasol is looking to extend the studio’s current product ranges. This includes plans for more pieces in the Comoda sofa collection, as well as the launch of a coffee table range.

With a timeless and refined aesthetic combined with the opportunity for customisation and shorter lead times offered by Australian makers, Biasol is demonstrating the benefits of an entirely local model of both design and manufacturing, one product at a time.