Bespoke Solutions – Custom Joinery and Furniture by FAF Woodwork & Design

Words by Olivia Hides
Photography Chiara Gavuzzi

Delivering bespoke joinery and furniture solutions, FAF Woodwork & Design is driven by a traditional focus on quality, precision and detail. Through collaboration and inspired innovation, the studio produces furniture and joinery pieces defined by resolute execution and permeated with an international milieu.

FAF Woodwork is driven by a passion for creating custom-made joinery that is both admirably purposeful and aesthetically sophisticated. Founder Andrea Ferrari began the business in 2016 with a vision of bringing the renowned excellence of Italian joinery to Sydney. Each piece is crafted entirely in FAF Woodwork’s Marrickville warehouse, with expert attention paid to precision, poise and purpose.

Drawing on a shared appreciation for luxury and detail, the multi-disciplinary team works in close collaboration with clients throughout each phase of the project. “Our terrific team follows the entire process in order to ensure we deliver the best quality on the market,” explains Andrea. “Our efficient workflow makes us able to take care of every detail.” As specialists in the design and manufacturing of custom joinery and furniture, FAF Woodwork produces work for both the residential and commercial sectors, creating bespoke pieces suitable for both small interventions and complete renovations.

Customer satisfaction informs every decision, and every project is managed with profound attentiveness and a holistic approach. “Our attention to detail is meticulous,” Andrea says, “and each project is followed with care as we assist our clients through the design process, from concept to completion.” Commencing with conceptual design and development, FAF Woodwork’s involvement extends from design through to construction and onsite installation. “We intend to be there every step of the way.”

Dedicated to crafting an evocative dialogue between form and function, FAF Woodwork’s creations are unique to each project yet are united by an approach grounded in the team’s extensive global experience. With a commitment to creating tailored, hand-made timber products, custom joinery was only the first step for the brand. FAF Woodwork has launched a furniture collection, completely designed and executed in-house. “We are genuinely proud of having a collection that can convey our concepts, passion and quality,” says Andrea. Encompassing tables, coffee tables, cabinets and nightstands, the furniture additions will naturally sit alongside the brand’s offering of bespoke architectural solution.

One of the few brands that singularly focuses on timber work, FAF Woodwork is defined not only by material but by a consistent and unremitting commitment to excellence. With a multi-disciplinary team approach that emphasises close collaboration with clients, the studio’s work exemplifies a contemporary yet timeless balance of the functional and the aesthetic.