Hidden Treasures – Incognito Art Show 2023

With over 1,300 original artworks up for sale, the 2023 Incognito Art Show includes a variety of works by some of Australia’s leading artists. Hosted online, the art show offers artworks with a unique twist to draw in buyers – the identity of the artists are kept anonymous at all times and revealed only to the purchaser.

Open to an array of artists from amateur to professional, Incognito Art Show is Australia’s most inclusive art event. Over 2,000 artists signed up for 2023, which included 12 Archibald Prize 2023 finalists including Laura Jones, Eliza Gosse and Abdul Abdullah. Additionally, three Wynne Prize 2023 finalists and three Sulman Prize 2023 finalists are also included. However, the most intriguing part of the art show is that each piece is priced at one hundred dollars, regardless of the artist.

Open to an array of artists from amateur to professional, Incognito is Australia’s most inclusive art show.

With the art show’s distinctive style of selling art, those without the usual means to buy collective pieces are given greater access to artistic works by leading artists. It allows buyers to purchase art that they are interested in, rather than just selecting a piece for the name. Additionally, with the ability to purchase art online, shoppers from regional areas or those unable to travel to art shows or auctions are able to find pieces they love. “Incognito has grown to such a scale that our online sale is the biggest element to the show,” says David Liston, Incognito Art Show Co-Founder, “we will be hoping to sell out and encourage all art lovers from around Australia to get on the website as soon as possible.”

Moreover, profits from the show will go to Studio A and Little Orange Studio, which are two companies that support artists with disabilities. Drawing crowds from near and far, the Incognito Art Show offers a chance for avid art collectors to buy works that they otherwise could not.