Sophisticated Precision – J5 Cabinet and J5 Credenza by Stylecraft

Words by James Lyall Smith
Photography by Peter Ryle
Styling by Nat Turnbull
J5 Cabinet And J5 Credenza By Stylecraft Issue 10 Feature The Local Project Image (3)

James Howe has created the J5 Cabinet and J5 Credenza with handcrafted precision and sophistication.

Made for those who appreciate the union of functionality, innovation and striking design, the chevron-fluting of solid timber is linear yet visually soft. The fluting also serves as a method of concealing the mechanics both inside and out, ensuring an elegant and seamless appearance.

The J5 Cabinet, available in two sizes, and J5 Credenza are both offered in either a rock maple or American oak finish, with a choice of a natural or ebony stain, and both products are designed and made in Australia.