A Family Home in the Sky – Lake View Penthouse by Golden

Words by Katherine Bithavas
Photography by Sharyn Cairns
Interior Design by Golden
Project Manager McCorcon

Overlooking the abundant landscape of Albert Park, Lake View Penthouse by Golden is a meticulously and functionally reimagined home in the sky. Combining three off-the-plan apartments into a single penthouse that encompasses the entire 17th floor of the building, the project was conceived as uniting elements of the clients’ beloved former home by the coast with an urbane luxury befitting the location.

With the intention of facilitating a seamless transition in relocating from coastal living to inner-city Melbourne for the client, Lake View Penthouse is an impressive family residence that draws on luxurious and timeless materials throughout. Each room has been crafted with care and attention to detail to create a sense of individuality between spaces, whilst maintaining the harmony that is key to the experience of a family home.

Golden pushes design boundaries in the conceptualisation of this residence, with rich tones, textural variation and high-end materiality throughout to both mirror and combine elements of the family’s beloved former beachside home with the sleek sophistication of the residences of the local area. The floor-to-ceiling windows lining the perimeter of the penthouse offer panoramic views of its surrounds and allow natural light to permeate the spaces, complementing the moodier tones of the interiors. The residence in its entirety exudes warmth and texture, converging to create a holistic abode.

From the pendant lights by Rakumba illuminating the dining area, to the quilt armchairs from Dedece creating comfort in the living spaces, each piece has been meticulously selected with intention.

The utilised space was initially a collection of three small off-the-plan apartments that have now been intelligently combined into one grand residence spanning the entire 17th floor of a St Kilda Road high-rise building. Furniture selection and interior refurbishment were cornerstones in the initial design development that drove innovation, and with an extraordinary array of pieces sourced from local leaders in interior furnishings the final presentation ensures the home is imbued with a sense of character and individuality.

As an impressive focal point of the home’s furnishings, a custom Tsar rug centres the living area and tactfully exemplifies the essence of the overall design expression. With varying weaves and pile heights of both wool and silk in a custom colour palette, this rug singlehandedly epitomises the essence of the approach to the overall home and ties every aspect of its surroundings together in congruence.

Each and every room has been crafted with its intended use at the forefront of the design. The décor of the bedrooms encourages rest and meditation, while the grand stone island bench commands the kitchen space and encourages congregation, creating balance and flow. This, combined with the subtle-yet-lavish touches in the selected materials and design additions such as the concealed bar and hidden televisions in the living spaces, facilitates an immense sense of luxury.

At its core, Lake View Penthouse is an embodiment of artful design and considered functionality. The residence may be a world away from the clients’ previous coastal address, but it too exemplifies the warmth and personalisation that makes a true family home.