Precision, Accuracy and Perfection – Bill Clifton of Robert Plumb Build

Words by James Lyall Smith
Photography by Murray Fredericks, Peter Bennetts, Prue Ruscoe
Local Australian Beautfiul Architecture And Design Cloud House By Robert Plumb Build

Sydney is a place where building and construction are at the very centre of the city’s social fabric. From large commercial projects to boutique residential builds, Sydney is in the midst of a construction boom. Within this hive of construction activity sits Robert Plumb Build, a premium residential building company and a brand founded on the simple belief that collaboration and communication are key to the completion of a successful project.

Founded in 2011 by William Dangar and Bill Clifton, Robert Plumb Build has spent the past eight years forging a reputation for building excellence, quality craftmanship and attention to detail, to become a quiet achiever on Sydney’s residential building scene. Bill Clifton is the man tasked with leading the skilled Robert Plumb Build team and ensuring that the company’s high standards are maintained, whilst delivering a building experience that is open, transparent and enjoyable for all involved. “We prioritise client satisfaction above all else”, says Bill. “We take great pride in finishing a project on time and on budget”.

Bill Clifton Of Robert Plumb Build
Bill Clifton. Managing Director of Robert Plumb Build.
Quality Craftsmanship And Attention To Detail.
The Cloud House in Bondi was designed by Akin Atelier and features intricate craftmanship coupled with structural detail. Photography by Murray Fredericks.

In a competitive industry it is often the smaller touches, the care factor, that set a company apart. From his early years spent on a farm in rural NSW, through to formal study in Sydney and a subsequent building apprenticeship, Bill has learnt the value of forging and maintaining strong business relationships. “Our business is defined by an excellent team culture”, explains Bill. “I understand the importance of reputation in this industry so it is critical that we are placing the right workers on the right jobs. Basically, we are a great bunch of people that you can rely on to get the job done”. Honest, trustworthy and reliable are but a few of the phrases that have been associated with the Robert Plumb Build team over the years and this is a reputation that Bill works hard to maintain.

And A Brand Founded On The Simple Belief That Collaboration And Communication Are Key To The Completion Of A
The Surfside House in Clovelly features a transformative contemporary design by Andrew Burges Architects. Photography by Peter Bennetts.
Bill Clifton Is The Man Tasked With Leading The Skilled Robert Plumb Build Team And Ensuring That The Compan
For the Surfside HouseAndrew Burges Architects have delivered a transformative, contemporary design that was bought to life by Robert Plumb Build. Photogrpahy by Peter Bennetts.

Robert Plumb Build is a brand founded on the simple belief that collaboration and communication are key to the completion of a successful project.

, To Become A Quiet Achiever On Sydney’s Residential Building Scene
The Surfside House. Photography by Peter Bennetts.

“The ultimate goal is to combine good business with good building”, says Bill. This mantra is reflected in every project that Robert Plumb Build undertake as the team place high importance on architectural detail and beautiful design. Over the years, they have collaborated with some of Australia’s most reputable architects and interior designers, including Andrew Burges Architects, Alwill Architects, Potter & Wilson, Briony Fitzgerald Design and Akin Atelier with whom they collaborated with on the stunning Cloud House on Sydney’s iconic Bondi Beach. “Design is in our company’s DNA”, states Bill. “We are a design-focused building company. We place high importance on process and detailing to deliver the architect’s intended outcome”.

“Our business is defined by an excellent team culture”.

“As builders we are under no illusions of the pressure we are under to deliver projects on time and on budget”, explains Bill. “Key to this is the creation of trust between everyone involved in the building process, especially the architects as it is our aim to make their job easier to them”. The Robert Plumb Build team has worked hard to forge collaborative relationships with Australian architects and interior designers as they strive to maintain their strong reputation as a design centric construction company, know for the creation of aesthetically pleasing residential and commercial spaces.

We Sit Down With Managing Director Bill Clifton As He Explains What Separates His Company From The Competition
The Gable House in Bondi is the family home of Bill Clifton and was designed by Potter & Wilson. Photography by Prue Ruscoe.
Today On The Tlp We Sit Down With Bill Clifton Of Robert Plumb Build As He Explains The Company Values And How
The Gable House by Potter & Wilson & Rober Plumb Build. Photography by Prue Ruscoe.

“Design is in our company’s DNA”.

Read On To Discover How Their Professional Team And Collaborations With Key Australian Architects Are Changing
The Gable House. Photography by Prue Ruscoe.

Despite being a relatively young company, the Robert Plumb Build portfolio is already full of impressive contemporary residential projects in the 500 thousand to five-million range throughout Sydney. Their various collaborations with innovative architects and designers means that the company is involved in a broad spectrum of design centric builds. “We attempt to adopt a different design aesthetic on each project and this once again comes down to working with the best architects and interior designers”, says Bill. “We provide design input on the landscaping and detailing of a project with a focus on off form concrete and steel structures. Through a clear and open communication process we can work with everyone to design and create homes with integrity and longevity”.

Sydney, Nsw, Australia
Robert Plumb Build worked with architects Potter & Wilson to transform this traditional single storey Gable House.
Sydney Is A Place Where Building And Construction Are At The Very Centre Of The City’s Social Fabric.

“Through a clear and open communication process we can work with everyone to design and create homes with integrity and longevity”.

From Large Commercial Projects To Boutique Residential Builds, Sydney Is In The Midst Of A Construction Boom
Robert Plumb Build worked with architects Potter and Wilson to turn this traditional single storey house, into a generous two-level home with a clear connection to the pool and garden. Photography by Prue Ruscoe.

So, what does the future hold for Bill and his team at Robert Plumb Build within a fast-paced city full of new and exciting construction projects? “We want to evolve organically”, answers Bill. “We want to continually improve as a company and the best way to do this is by taking on more challenging and varied projects. We also committed to establishing further collaborations with architectural practices”. With Bill Clifton at the helm there is no denying that the future for Robert Plumb Build is certainly set on the right trajectory. By holding steady to their values and embracing a culture of constant growth and learning they are carving significant a place in Sydney’s building community.

Bill Has Learnt The Value Of Forging And Maintaining Strong Business Relationships
The Cloud House by Akin Atelier & Robert Plumb Build. Photography by Murray Fredericks.
Robert Plumb Build Has Spent The Past Eight Years Forging A Reputation For Building Excellence
The Surfside House by Andrew Burges Architects. Photography by Peter Bennetts.