Guiding Hand – Steve Cordony Collaborates with Brickworks

Words by Aaron Grinter
Styling by Steve Cordony

Inspired by the Australian landscape and designing for Australian conditions, Brickworks has taken an active role in design and innovation for nearly 100 years. Now, the company has gone a step further by providing an easy-to-follow guide to home styling and the House Styles Quiz, which is intended to help participants find their individual style. A collaboration with renowned interior stylist Steve Cordony extends this offering through a design guide and suite of mood boards, each with its own aesthetic identity.

Recognising the inherent complexity of any design process, Steve’s collaboration with Brickworks is founded on a simple message, ‘go back to basics’. “When dreaming up your next big design move, it’s all about understanding the basics,” he says. The four cohesive style palettes represent his advice to find a common principle. “This could be a repetitive colour, texture or general style that will become the blueprint for defining your aesthetic.” This becomes a guiding foundation for selecting finishes for a design, Steve explains, articulating his view that “the style of your home should inform the materials and colours you select, so it’s important to consider the principles of your home style first and foremost.”

Recognising the inherent complexity of any design process, Steve’s collaboration with Brickworks is founded on a simple message, ‘go back to basics’.

The curated mood boards are intended as a starting point for any project. Drawing inspiration from both nature and place, each board channels the images and feelings evoked by that setting. This is expressed as a collection of objects that, combined, tell an evocative story of colour, texture, and material. At the foundation of each palette is particular Brickworks product, unifying the separate elements in a cohesive style. The mood boards explore four distinct styles. Modern Mediterranean evokes a sun-drenched limestone cliff overlooking a sparkling azure sea, with interplays of luxurious marble and rustic alabaster fit for a decadent Roman patrician. Contemporary Classic takes a humbler approach. Weaving iconic terracotta with ochre and bronze tones, this mood could equally be found in a farmhouse or inner-city terrace. Urban Escape explores a moody monochromatic palette of polished concrete, dark ceramic and cream breezeblocks, broken only by a splash of familiar ivy. Lastly, Neutral Ground’s earthy tones invite the observer to be more grounded, celebrating organic imperfection through honest, raw finishes of timber, fibre and brick.

Extending the Brickworks offering with such a direct and curated engagement with consumers, this collaboration emphasises a cohesive approach to residential material selections. With each board presenting a clear aesthetic, the process of discovering and evolving one’s personal style is both defined and demystified. The House Styles Quiz can be found on the Brickworks website.