Designed and Built to Last – Timeless Tapware by VOLA

Words by Bronwyn Marshall
Photography by Laura Seppanen, Piet Albert Goethals, Alex Wilson & Rory Gardiner
Bronwyn Marshall VOLA
Vola The Local Project Product Feature Hero Image

Drawing from an unwavering dedication to longevity, VOLA has not changed or needed to amend their products since their inception. By focussing on a sustainability that extends beyond the traditionally measured means, the Danish brand has ensured that timelessness continues to underpin every gesture.

At the core of Danish life and design is a known restraint and deeply considered rigor, ensuring the integration of everyday industrial elements benefit and complement life in all its forms, while also being intrinsically ingrained. Since developing the Original mixer tap in 1968, VOLA has continued to explore materiality and finish variations based on availability and access to new technologies, while ensuring the silhouette remained unchanged. The early exploration of ergonomics and the study of human behaviour ensured the design was developed in response to both need and efficiency, ignoring influences of passing styles and trends. The resulting geometric resolve has continued to remain relevant throughout generations and reinforce brand values. By focussing on function and a timeless form, VOLA has continued to build on its foundations of honesty and integrity over time.

In its own way, the simplicity of parts, lines and form of VOLA tapware products feel secondary to the life that happens around then, yet always present.

Design acts as a response to need and has a way of improving and elevating a myriad of everyday rituals in the process. In its own way, the simplicity of parts, lines and form of VOLA tapware products feel secondary to the life that happens around then, yet always present. Since the foundation of the company, the focus on utilising the purest steel and brass to manufacture each product has ensured an unwavering quality of each mechanism, avoiding replacement. The continuity of the design of each series allows for an interactive nature of parts, allowing for multiple, and in some cases infinite, possibilities for configuration across multiple uses in various spaces.

While the sustainability of our designed world has only recently come into a more honed focus, VOLA has had it in mind from the beginning as a core philosophy of their approach. Creating and proposing enduring additions to life ensures a reduction in waste, and in turn a reduction in the need to replace and update over time for relevance. By designing pieces to last, remain current and that elevate the interaction, the pieces have become classics in their own right. The integration of recycled materials into the production cycle is made even more possible due to the quality of the parts and their ability to be used over and over again, without compromising the quality of use.

Longevity is a promise we keep across our whole product range. From the outset, our modular design system has ensured that old parts can be replaced with new parts, even in products from 1968.

Through a collective approach and a deeply seeded core philosophy of enduring beyond time, VOLA has developed tapware that truly embodies the idea of timelessness, built and designed to last.