Holiday Daydream – The Museum of Small Things by Richards & Spence

Words by Sarah Sivaraman
Architecture by Richards & Spence
Photography by David Chatfield
Build by Lamberts
Interior Design by Richards & Spence
Branding by Studio Bland

The Museum of Small Things is situated just off the cool stone valet driveway of the luxurious Calile Hotel in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley. With architecture and interior design by Richards & Spence, the store is indeed a gallery of treasures.

The items for sale are given the same reverence as that of a museum collection; each piece is displayed side by side within crisp white colosseum-like arches. Objects are further venerated with artful lighting, a sense of seriousness that is balanced by a decidedly fun, peach-coloured ceiling exuding holiday vibes.

Much like a museum, The Museum of Small Things feels calm and spacious. The structure of the arches simplifies the interior, with pieces organised in such a way that allows one’s attention – and imagination – to roam from piece to piece. The effect of this, a stylish holiday daydream, is at once aspirational and accessible.

The Museum of Small Things is a tangible manifestation of the ideal luxury holiday. There are breezy white linen pyjama sets and broad-brimmed straw hats. There are coffee table books dedicated to Capri, as well as statement sunglasses that offer a literal experience of seeing the world through rose-coloured glasses. Paying homage to the destination, everything in the store, from the handcrafted gold jewellery to the Kakadu plum-infused sunscreen, is sourced from within Australia.

For guests of the Calilie Hotel, a mosey through The Museum of Small Things is no doubt another delight on the vacation itinerary. And for those pining for a holiday, unable to get there just yet, a sojourn in the Museum of Small Things is sure to do the trick.