All-encompassing Living – Riviere by Bates Smart

Words by Brett Winchester
Architecture by Bates Smart
Interior Design by Bates Smart
Development by ARIA Property Group
Landscape Design by RPS Group
In Partnership with ARIA Property Group

Riviere from ARIA Property Group is located above the Kangaroo Point cliffs with panoramic views of the Brisbane CBD and meandering river. Inspired by the Kangaroo Point cliffs, Bates Smart undertook the duty of architecture and interior design and created an all-encompassing residential building.

Maximising upon the views from all angles, Bates Smart has created an apartment block that responds to the Brisbane climate. Additionally, Riviere is given a textural approach upon the exterior façade, which is further enhanced by a vertical breeze block. The inclusion of the breeze block allows for a sense of free space and a wealth of natural air to the lower communal areas. Meandering from the garden space, residents will enter into a luxurious hotel-like lobby space that has been broken down into sections. In addition, the lobby is given large ceiling heights that emphasise the three main communal spaces for residents – a meeting table, a conversation lunge and a residents cinema to the rear of the space.

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Thinking of all demographics, Bates Smart has not focused on one particular area but multiple.

Thinking of all demographics, Bates Smart has not focused on one particular area but multiple. Additionally, the ground floor is host to a small garden area with sculptural pods, a dinosaur dig for children and bee hives at the back of the site. Through the conceptualisation of the penthouse, ARIA Property Group wanted to create something that was truly unique to the building. In answer to this, Bates Smart has added a circular vestibule in the foyer of the penthouse that marks the delineation between the rest of the residential building. From this moment, there is a strong perspective that leads through the apartment, down to the sleeping quarters. However, within the shared living spaces the penthouse has been designed to open up to the Brisbane surrounds with the addition of intentionally placed screens that allow for privacy.

On the rooftop, multiple recreational spaces bring the residents together and create a harmonious community. Among the amenities of Riviere is a rooftop pool, dining room as well as residents wine bar. While on the eastern side of the building, Bates Smart have placed the gymnasium and a complementing magnesium hot pool. Embracing sustainability, Bates Smart have placed plants upon the rooftop and covered the available roof in solar panels. Moreover, a high-tech irrigation system runs across multiple zones, while planter boxes recapture any run-off water and recycle it to other gardens. More than just a residential building, Riviere by Bates Smart and Aria Property Group offers tenants a place for leisure and wellness while being inclusive and timeless in its design.