Human-Centred Design
Volume 01

Volume 01


Volume 01 contains just over 200 pages of inspiring, informative and engaging content curated by The Local Project. The magazine explores a wonderfully diverse world of design, but uniting each feature is a human-centred approach to design. By which we simply mean, design that looks beyond the immediate moment and toward the broader context of human experience – of place, of history, of materiality and of culture.

a timber and clay pavilion of clarity and contrast

Bluff House by Rob Kennon Architects

An architectural response to Tasmanian shack culture

Denison Rivulet by Taylor and Hinds Architects

an exploration of concrete and context

North Avoca by Savio Parsons Architects

a playful light-filled home

Plaster Fun House by Sans-Arc Studio

A Graceful Unity of Old and New

Chamfer House by Ha Architecture

A Passion for Architectural Materials


Honest Furniture Made to Last

JD.Lee Furniture

Locality, Sustainability, Authenticity

Made by Morgen

A Bold Yet Peaceful Interior World

St Ninians by Mim Design

Melbourne Made

The Mouse Collection by Idle Hands

A Minimalist Form, Defined by Habitation

Edsall Street by Ritz&Ghougassian

The Local Marketplace

A Curated Selection of Australian Design
And over 20 more human-centred design features.

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