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The Langston, Epping - A Modern Life at The Gateway of Sydney

Epping, NSW, Australia

James Lyall Smith

Grainger Films


The Local Project Presents, in collaboration with Cbus Property, The Langston – Epping. The Langston is the story of a vision for a new era of prosperity for the Sydney suburb of Epping.

“At the heart of this development is community”, states Nick Madgwick, Development Manager for Cbus Property. “We are creating a new heart for the eastern side of Epping and we really want to make that a focal point for the local community, both for the new residents and for the existing part of Epping that is trying to join together in a new proud space to be.”

Cbus Property has envisioned a curated space for the residents of Epping. They wanted to create a precinct that provided all the amenities required for modern life at the gateway to the very best of Sydney. Ultimately, The Langston has been designed to enhance the future of Epping whilst respecting the existing community.

The Langston Precinct will bestow a lush green character to the urban streetscape.

The Langston is set to become a new landmark on the Sydney skyline and compromises 463 new apartments across three multi-residential towers, with a generous new retail precinct and public open space around the base of the towers. Project Architect Farhad Haidari of Architectus provides insight into how The Langston epitomises the very peak of design. “From the very beginning, the project was about a very unique site”, explains Farhad. “The main philosophy in designing the interiors of the apartments was to design from the inside out. We wanted to create unique spaces for people to inhabit and ultimately make their own”.

The vibrant mixed-use offering will take lifestyle convenience to a new level and readily complement proposed civic food and beverage plazas.

One of the unique aspects of The Langston is the lush green borders that encircle each tower at ground level and the private communal garden on level one that can be enjoyed by all residents. Alex Longley from landscape architecture firm Arcadia opens up about how The Langston will develop and enhance Epping’s environmental setting. “We wanted to slow down the natural environment and connect residents back to nature,” he says. “The design will activate the long vistas that are predominant and the strong characteristics of the Epping precinct.”

Step out of your apartment and experience unrivalled natural and retail amenity designed for an effortless transition to shared enjoyment of both private and public spaces.

This is the story of how multi-residential architecture can transform a community. Epping is on the verge of a new era marked by an unprecedented experience of apartment living and connectivity as facilitated through The Langston. The Langston is a triumph in sophisticated multi-residential design and property development. The Local Project welcomes viewers to explore this narrative as recounted by the team tasked with bringing The Langston to life.

Head to the offical wesbsite to discover more about The Langston.

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